Moving & Storage Supplies

Within a move there are a lot of points to coordinate. StorageVille tries to consolidate these efforts into one place so that it is more cost-effective and efficient for YOU.


  • Cube Van or Truck Rental (for moving day)
    (free 4-hour use with storage locker rental)
  • Moving Boxes
  • Packing Supplies
  • Moving Supplies
  • Moving Storage Space

Available Supplies

2 cube
4 cube
5 cube
file boxes hanging wardrobe boxes
tissue paper
wrapping paper (clean newsprint)
bubble wrap
packing tape
appliance dolly
utility dollies
moving cart
furniture cart

Innovative Moving Tips

Before the big move, consider these helpful suggestions.

  1. Share with the kids all that is involved. They may be wondering how this will affect them.
  2. Take inventory of everything and try to separate the things that can be donated or put into a garage sale.
  3. Schedule all aspects of the move 6-8 weeks in advance of moving day.
  4. In the summer choose your mover 4-5 weeks before. Other months, 3 weeks in advance.
  5. Plan to move during the week when utilities, banks and government offices are open.
  6. Contact your insurance agent to transfer your coverage. If you will be using the services of a storage facility, make sure your insurance applies.
  7. Try to plan your meals a few days before so you don’t have to worry about food spoiling during the move.
  8. Keep all personal records such as medical information, passports, birth certificates etc. in an accessible area.
  9. Find the services you and your family will need in your area before you move in.
  10. Change your bank.
  11. Notify the post office that your mail needs to be forwarded and advise anyone else of your move, especially the utilities.
  12. Cancel and or transfer all services to your new home.
  13. If the move is taking you to a new city, make hotel reservations before you leave.
  14. Get help! It’s time for all those you have helped move in the past to pitch in.
  15. Before moving day, pre-pack as much as possible.
  16. Pack all books in boxes flat, storing them on end can damage them.
  17. Pack a small bag with some tools.
  18. Return any library books.
  19. Arrange for someone to look after your pets until you’ve fully packed and until you are settled.
  20. Label all boxes so you know which boxes go where in your new home.
  21. If the boxes are being stored, label the contents in more detail. You’ll never remember in 3 months time what they contain.
  1. Don’t plan on cooking meals.
  2. Double check to see that the moving company driver knows their exact destination.
  3. Load houseplants last and unload them first. In colder months you may want to have a plant service move them for you in their heated van.
  4. Items should be stacked whenever possible. Be careful with boxes; store the heavier ones on the bottom, and lighter ones on top.
  5. Tip couches up on end.
  6. Make sure that if you need something later, that it is stored near the entrance of the unit.
  7. Save all moving receipts, they may be tax deductible.
  8. Pack a travel bag with items you may need such as toys for the kids and maybe some aspirin!
  9. Remember, you don’t have to move every day. This will soon pass.