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- Winnipeg Secure Storage - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleIf you’re part of the many trades workers in Winnipeg and you need a storage unit for your small business, StorageVille is here to help you. We’re the best choice for self-storage for trades in Winnipeg! Our storage units are the perfect place if you need a place to store equipment, supplies and tools between jobs or after a seasonal project. Our friendly customer service team will ensure you’re looked after no matter the length of your unit rental. We’re happy to help! Get more details about our services below.

What are the benefits of self-storage for trades workers?

Why should you keep your equipment, supplies and more in a self-storage unit? Here are a few of the key reasons.

Keep valuable equipment safe and secure

Lockable, secure storage units with 24/7 surveillance and monitoring provide you with the best possible security, especially compared to storing gear in trucks, garages, and other similar unsecured locations.

Self-storage for trades workers in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Secure Storage - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleStore items between jobs, during the off-season and more

You’ll have all the space you need to store tools, equipment and supplies when you’re not using them. This is particularly beneficial if you have a very small office, or you do not have an office and work out of your home. Depending on your chosen trade you might only use some of your tools seasonally. We’re a great option to drop off things that aren’t needed at every jobsite.

Keep your tools close at hand

Renting a storage unit in an area of Winnipeg where you often work allows you to retrieve tools and supplies more quickly and improves your ability to offer fast service to your customers. We have two centralized locations to serve you no matter where you reside.

Protect your equipment from weather and temperature swings

With temperature-controlled storage, you can keep electronics and sensitive tools/equipment in an environment with a steady temperature and humidity level, preventing damage and corrosion.

Drive-up self-storage to unload or reload

Self-storage for trades workers in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Secure Storage - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleIf you don’t need a temperature-controlled storage unit, one of the most noticeable benefits to our non-temperature controlled self-storage is the ability to drive up right outside of your storage unit. This makes unloading or reloading to get to a jobsite quickly, even easier.

In most situations, it’ll might make sense to rent one storage unit, either temperature-controlled or non-temperature-controlled – depending on the sensitivity of the items you’re storing. However, in some situations making use of two storage units – one temperature-controlled, for sensitive items; and another non-temperature-controlled unit for easy access – will make the perfect solution! Take a tour and see our storage unit options online! In any situation, our expert and friendly self-storage advisement team will be able to guide you and help you find the right solution for you needs.

Why choose StorageVille?

If you’re an electrician, plumber, HVAC technician or any other trade worker in need of Winnipeg self-storage, StorageVille is here to help. Here are just a few reasons you should choose us for your Winnipeg small business storage needs.

Convenient locations

We have two locations. Our southwest Winnipeg location is at 830 Waverly St., and we have a northwest location at 123 Reenders drive. Choose the location that’s right for you – or rent two units to ensure you have quick access to your tools and equipment no matter where you are in the city.

Short-term and long-term rentals available

Whether you need a unit for a month or a year, we’ve got you covered with a wide variety of reasonably priced rental contracts that can be any length or month-to-month. Choose the option that’s right for you.

Wide variety of sizes

From small, 5×5 temperature-controlled units to huge 10×30 storage units, you’ll be able to choose the size that works for you – and upgrade at any time if you need more storage!

Self-storage for trades workers in Winnipeg - Winnipeg Secure Storage - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleDrive-up units for heavy equipment

You can drive up to our outdoor, non-temperature-controlled self-storage units in Winnipeg. This makes it easy to deposit heavy equipment and tools.

Unparalleled security

When it comes to Winnipeg small business storage for trades workers, you can trust us to take care of your valuable equipment. Our facility is fully staffed, with identification required to enter. With 24/7 security monitoring, swappable locks, and an alarm system approved by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, you can trust us to secure your stuff.

To learn more about the benefits of small business storage for trades workers at StorageVille, get in touch with our team today.

Request a quote for self-storage today and explore your options

At StorageVille, we make it easy for you to get the storage solutions you need in Winnipeg. If you’d like to get started, just request a quote for a storage unit.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us online, or by phone. Our Reenders Drive location can be reached at 204.272.4687, or you can call our Waverly Street location at 204.272.4533. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have about self-storage for trades workers in Winnipeg from StorageVille.