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Temperature Controlled Storage and Climate Controlled Storage Explained

At StorageVille we are proud to offer temperature controlled storage to our customers!  If you have ever lived in or visited Winnipeg you will have experienced at least one of our four distinct seasons; maybe even within the same day! Winnipeg certainly has its share of extremes when it comes to  weather and climate, which is why it is safe to say that Winnipeggers need temperature controlled self storage.

What is temperature controlled storage?

What do Winnipeggers need to know about temperature controlled storage?  Temperature controlled storage refers to the act of directly controlling the temperature within a given storage space.  Controlling the temperature of a storage unit means that we have a centralized heating and cooling system. This is similar to your home’s furnace and air conditioning in which your have the ability to adjust the temperature via a thermostat within your building.  The air conditioning also removes humidity within the building.  At StorageVille our customers have access to all the benefits of temperature control when they use our temperature controlled storage!

Is there such a thing as climate controlled storage?

Climate refers to the average weather conditions that prevail over a given region over time. The conditions making up climate are best described using many different weather terms. These include rainfall, wind speed, humidity, barometric pressure, humidex, wind chill factor, and of course temperature.  No storage operator can control the climate.  We can however, protect your belongings from it with temperature controlled storage!

When should you use temperature controlled storage?

Temperature Controlled Storage

We highly recommend that you avail yourself of our temperature controlled storage while you are storing valuables or other items that are sensitive to the effects of inconsistent temperature and humidity.  Some examples may be sentimental items, photographs, artwork, antiques, musical instruments, upholstered furniture, important legal or monetary documents and files, and more.  Temperature controlled units at StorageVille simulate the conditions in your own home.  Temperature controlled storage should be used in all seasons; especially a Winnipeg summer!  The heat can be just as damaging to your valuables as cold can be.

Due to Winnipeg’s unique climate, dynamic seasons, and abrupt changes in temperature throughout the year, Winnipeggers need reliable temperature controlled storage.   At StorageVille we deliver just that, along with peace of mind knowing there is added protection from the harsh elements that a non-temperature controlled locker would not provide for your stored valuables.

If you’re interested in learning more about our temperature controlled storage solutions please see our website’s Temperature Controlled Storage page or Contact Us today!