store your RV for the winter with storageville.

As camping season comes to a close, how do you go about safely, and easily storing your RV until it is time again for summer fun? If you put some work into preparing your RV for winter storage, it’ll be that much easier to get on the road in the spring. Follow these tips to get your second home ready for its winter nap.

Remove the Water from your Pipes

When subjected to cooler temperatures, water freezes and expands. Water left in the pipes over the winter will crack and lead to costly damage to your RV. Therefore it is crucial to drain the water from all plumbing, pipes, fittings, lines, tanks, water heaters, windshield wiper systems, radiators, or anything else that has water in it. Drain the fresh water and waste tanks, and don’t forget to open all faucets to drain the water completely from the system. The next step is to pump nontoxic RV antifreeze into your plumbing system including all tanks, lines, and drains.

Your RV owner’s manual should instruct you on exactly how to complete this process easily and properly, but if it feels a bit too intimidating, you can always contact an RV store or service centre and they will offer this service to you for a fee.

Seal the Deal

The name of the game is to make sure that your RV is sealed properly during its winter storage to prevent water leaks or visits from unwelcome critters. Closely examine the roof, slide-outs, doors, windows, seams, access panels, and hinges. Look out for new holes, cracks, or just points of entry where things may improperly seal due to dirt and grime. This is the time to re-caulk, repair, or clean for proper sealing during storage. Don’t forget to lubricate locks and hinges if needed. Also remember that rodents can easily crawl up cords and cables, chew through plastic, and squeeze into tiny holes, so leave no stone unturned!

Before resealing anything on your own, read your RV user’s manual or consult with your RV dealer to be sure you have the correct product. The wrong sealant might not set properly, or it may damage finishes. If you choose to cover your RV, avoid using a plastic one, as it could damage the finish or trap moisture. A zippered cover allows for easy access during long-term storage if needed.

Remove the Batteries

Winter and batteries are not friends! Batteries tend to get damaged by freezing temperatures, particularly RV batteries, which are lead-acid batteries that do not seal. Also, an unconnected battery will slowly discharge which will weaken the cells through a process called sulfation, thus decreasing the life of the battery. Therefore, it is best to remove your batteries and store them separately from the RV in a cool, dry place or in a charger. To remove the batteries, turn off all the breaker switches and disconnect the negative terminal first to avoid shorting. During the winter storage season use a voltmeter, hydrometer, or multimeter to check the charge of your battery. Do not let the charge go below 80%, or you may find yourself with a damaged battery.

Stabilize the Fuel

Did you know that gasoline can oxidize over time and damage your engine? Prevent your gas from degrading by adding a fuel stabilizer before you bring your RV into storage. To properly stabilize your fuel, fill the tank completely and then add the fuel stabilizer according to package directions. Finish by idling the engine for 10 minutes to help the additive make its way throughout the system.


Your RV is almost ready to enjoy its winter hibernation! Last but not least, you’ll need to complete a few housekeeping tasks before storage time. Remove all personal items for safety and security. Finish critter-proofing your RV by removing all food items, even non-perishables. Use a handheld vacuum to get rid of dust, debris, food crumbs, and other remnants of your summer adventures that may have settled into nooks and crannies. Thoroughly clean all surfaces and cupboards with sanitizing cleaner. Unplug everything including the fridge and freezer, which should be cleaned, emptied, and then left open for the duration of long-term storage. Turn off circuit breakers, disconnect and remove propane tanks, block your tires to prevent movement, and done!

Open-air or Covered RV Storage

Choose from our open-air reserved RV spots or the popular covered RV parking area. The only one in Winnipeg.

Customize Your StorageVille Experience

We have one location on Reenders Drive and one on Waverley Street, so you can quickly drop off and pick up your vehicles no matter where you are in Winnipeg. All RV spots are reserved, and StorageVille customers enjoy convenient on-site access to their RV. Our gate access hours are seven days a week, available and open at 6:00 AM, closing at 11:00 PM.

StorageVille has everything you need for seasonal vehicle storage including designated parking areas for larger vehicles, and other small vehicles. So if you have other seasonal vehicles to store along with your RV, we have you covered. In addition to RVs, our customers also store trucks, boats, jet skis, personal watercraft, camp trailers, tent trailers, cargo trailers, food trucks, and carts, moving or transport vans, stockcars, Cessna and piston-powered aircraft, and motorcycles. You can even store RV camping accessories such as fishing equipment and more, in one of our rollup self-storage units.

And those smaller recreational items such as motorcycles and jet skis, to name a few can also be easily stored in one of our non-temperature controlled, drive-up storage lockers.

With reasonable and competitive rates, flexible month-to-month contracts, plus unmatched convenience and accessibility, why not store all your vehicles with us at StorageVille?

Not Just for the Winter

During the summer months, you can store your RV with StorageVille too! You’ll be avoiding costly parking tickets since the city has by-laws restricting trailer and RV parking on residential streets. Keep it in storage between camping trips and then conveniently come and pick it up at your StorageVille location when you and your RV are ready for another adventure! Accessing your RV is so simple, with a personalized passcode that guarantees easy access to your RV without sacrificing security. Pick up your RV on the way out of the city for your next camping or fishing trip! If you’re going South (perhaps to St. Malo) or East of the city (to the Whiteshell), our Reenders location is the one for you. If you’re taking your RV West (Riding Mountain area or North (to Grand Beach), either location may be the most convenient for you depending on where you live.

No matter your type of vehicle, there is a place for it in StorageVille.

Contact us now with more information to get a quote for storing your vehicle, and get the storage solution that you need in Winnipeg.

Don’t leave it too late, spaces fill up fast this time of year. Reserve now.

Why use rolltop self-storage

Rollup self-storage units are perfect storage solutions for some customers. 

Secure Storage

Self-storage units are individually alarmed and monitored, and you can access them anytime with a personalized passcode that opens the gate and then automatically re-arms when you leave. Every self-storage unit is monitored by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) approved monitoring station. ULC is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, with 90 years of experience in testing products for public safety. If ever needed, our monitoring system will alert security and Winnipeg police immediately.

Security is built into our premises as well. You will always feel safe while accessing your self-storage unit at StorageVille. The grounds are well lit, watchfully taken care of by 24-hour surveillance cameras, and enclosed by 6-foot fences. Self-storage units are designed with the best durable roll-up steel technology to secure your items. Customers can come and go as they please with no check-in between 6 am and 11 pm. Customer service is conveniently available Monday through Friday from 9 am until 6 pm, Saturdays from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm, as well as Sundays and Holidays from 11 am until 4 pm. We are here when you need to access your storage unit.


Convenience and ease of use are huge benefits of rolltop storage units! They are easy to access, lock, and utilize. As well, we have two convenient and centralized locations at 123 Rendeers Drive and 830 Waverley Street and both make it easy to access your unit. Storage units you can access and use on your own means you don’t have to wait for staff to open units for you. 

During Life’s Hiccups, Storage is Available

There is always change in life and we are here to make these times easier for you. One example is when selling your home you can simplify every stage of switching homes with the help of a StorageVille rolltop self-storage unit. Utilize storage to properly stage your home (with minimal furniture and personal belongings will help prospective buyers to envision their future life in your home). And between possession dates, you can keep all your belongings in storage for the day you get your keys. Another example is for students storing their belongings during the summer if they are working out of province for the summer break. Sorting through an estate but the property has been sold? Store all the belongings in a unit with us until the executor can sort out the will.

StorageVille can help you start fresh after a divorce, store things during a home renovation, provide a secure home for belongings during hospital stays or assisted living, store belongings while transitioning during the school year or provide storage for items that are subject to proceedings involved in estate planning. When your life changes, we are here for your storage needs. Rollup self-storage is very helpful for transitional situations and when you need a temporary, secure place for belongings.

Get the Unit Size for your Needs

Store RVs, camping equipment, extra vehicles, bikes, fishing equipment, seasonal sporting equipment, boats, tools, seasonal clothing, seasonal decorations, business supplies or equipment, and more! We have various sized units depending on your needs so you never have to pay for a unit too large for your needs. Talk to us about what you are storing and we’ll make suggestions for storage units that match your needs.

Temperature Controlled Storage for Treasured Personal Items or Hobbies

Some of your belongings may need storage in a place where the temperature is constant. Shifts in heat or cold may damage these items to the point where they cannot be fixed. StorageVille offers temperature-controlled, and longer-term self-storage units so that you can safely store items related to personal hobbies, personal items that need special care, or items for your business. Protect and store family photos, antiques and collectibles, art, wood furniture, musical instruments, personal documents, books, clothing, paints, cosmetics, tools, wedding planning items, cooking or baking equipment, and more!

StorageVille has the space you need when you need it! Come visit us today to set up an appointment!

Looking for moving supplies? Check out our selection of packing accessories such as boxes, tape, and other packing materials available for purchase. StorageVille also offers affordable cube van rentals on site. You may qualify for a free rental during your move-in and 50% off during your move-out.


how to store photos slong term in storage units

Photos are your memories, and when you need to store them you should take the extra time to store them correctly to reduce the potential for damage, decay, or destruction. It is important to take extra time when putting photos into self-storage and to do it properly for long-term storage. Luckily, there are easy and simple ways to prevent potential damage so your photos and other printed media stay in the best possible condition and are enjoyed for generations to come when they come out of storage.

self storage old photos

Here are our top storage tips for photos:

1. Organize Your Photos

This first step is to organize your photos so they will be ready when you remove them from storage. This also makes the move-in process easier for your collection of photos. Sort your collection in a way that makes sense to you, whether it’s by type of photo, size, age, or memories. Going through this process will also eliminate the photos you no longer want to keep. With your collection organized, you can plan how you’re going to pack and store them.

Pro Tip: Use cotton gloves when handling photos so the oils from your fingers don’t get on the photos. Always handle the edges and avoid touching the front side of your photos.

2. Use Photo Specific Storage Supplies

Photos need to be treated like archival items. Supplies specific to photographs use acid-free plastics and won’t yellow your photographs and protect them for the long term.

  • Acid-free paper/tissue,
  • Sturdy boxes that close,
  • PVC-free plastic sleeves,
  • Picture frame boxes,
  • File folders and file boxes,
  • Envelopes,
  • Silica gel moisture absorber.

Those small silica gel packets absorb moisture in the air so Including them in your boxes of photos will go a long way to prevent damage from moisture over the long term.

packing photos for self-storage old photos on desk

3. Photo Packing Methods

What works best for your photo packing methods will depend on your storage needs and the types of photos you want to store.


Stacking is an easy way to organize and store large quantities of loose photos. Place a sheet of acid-free paper or tissue in between each and make sure the boxes are strong enough for the weight of the photos. Typically, avoid corrugated cardboard and go with a heavier, solid box.

Photo Albums

We all love photo albums, but some have a glaring flaw. If you have photos in “peel-and-stick” photo albums, remove them and look for alternatives. Peel and stick albums often use chemical adhesives that damage photos over time. Look for archival quality photo albums that are acid-free for the best long-term storage solution.

File Folders and Envelopes

Envelopes can help sort your photos and store them. And folders can further sort them for easy locating. Be sure to place acid-free paper or tissue between photos to help preserve them. File folder boxes can then hold all your photos and stack well in self-storage units. Look for plastic boxes with lids that hold file folders versus cardboard boxes. Dry storage methods that don’t let in air or moisture is best.

Picture Frame Boxes

Don’t remove photos from frames. Simply box them up to protect the glass and then put them in a larger box to protect your collection.

4. Get the Right Sized Storage

Choose the right-sized storage method when storing your photos, whether it’s an envelope, box, or photo album. Too large and there can be shifting and bending, too small and you might be overstuffing envelopes, boxes or photo albums. To prevent crushing, folding, and bending get storage boxes that fit all your photos comfortably to avoid damage.

5. Sturdy Storage

Photos are best kept flat, so only use folders, envelopes, and other packing materials that are firm and flat. Only use boxes with thick walls and lids that shut all the way and are made from acid-free materials. Look for airtight containers to keep out the air and look for ones that can stack well if you have a large collection

6. No Light

Photos exposed to light over extended periods of time will fade over time. Always look for opaque plastics for photo storage boxes (or solid cardboard boxes)when storing photos..

7. Keep Boxes off the Ground

Store your photos off the ground, perhaps on pallets, or on top of sturdy furniture or shelving. This prevents them from getting crushed or damaged by other boxes being piled on top of them and keeps out unwanted dust and moisture. This is a good tip for all boxes – boxes should never be placed directly on the floor of storage units.

8. Indoor Facilities

When it comes to photos, you don’t want them exposed to the bitter winter temperatures or the sweltering highs of a Winnipeg summer. High heat, extreme cold, humidity, and dust takes their toll on photos very quickly, which is why having a temperature-controlled storage unit heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer.

StorageVille has self-storage units near you in Winnipeg!

If you’re in the Winnipeg area and are looking for self-storage locations, outdoor storage for your RV, campers, or trailers, or any types of storage units near you, we at StorageVille can help!

self-storage packing photo collections for long term storage


banner image Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille

Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleStorage units come in handy for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re moving, home staging, travelling for a longer time, downsizing, or simply require some extra space for the short term, a storage facility can be a great asset. And there are many options to choose from, but does the location matter? Do you really need that “storage unit near me?”

“Need” might be a strong word for some, but there are some major benefits to renting a storage unit near you. Here are the top reasons why you might want to rent storage near yourself.

When your storage unit is nearby your items are always easily accessible

Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleThink of the items you need to put into a storage unit. Are they the kinds of trinkets you can’t throw away, but also don’t need around the house? Then you can choose a storage unit even in a different city, and it will not inconvenience you.

The problem comes when we consider those items that you do need throughout the year, just not all the time. Instead of letting them take up space in your home, a nearby storage facility can solve your problem by getting the items out of your home but keeping them easily accessible to you. When you do need them, you don’t have to drive across Winnipeg to pick them up.

For instance, let’s say you have loads of big winter jackets you don’t need at your home all time. Since your closet can use a break, Winnipeg self-storage locations are ideal for quick drop-off and pick-up of these seasonal clothing items.

It’s a great option for your recreational items

Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleYou also might have some items that you don’t need at home at all, but you do need them for hobbies or seasonal activities. If you fish, like to go camping or have lots of sporting equipment, you potentially have a lot of items taking up space in your home that don’t contribute directly to your comfort or get daily use.

With a “storage unit near me”, that’s not a problem. Your items stay secure and accessible when you need them, and you don’t trip over them every time you look for something around the house. You can pick up your gear on the way out of the city for your next camping trip!

It’s an especially great move if your home is already filled with additional accessories like children’s toys, dedicated workspaces, or pet accoutrements. If you also don’t have a home with loads of generous space, such recreational equipment around your house can become a nuisance very fast.

You don’t need to worry about where to store extra vehicles

Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleIf you have a boat, camper, RV, ATV, or a collector’s vehicle, a local storage facility gives you a place to park it off your property, keep it safe and always accessible. There might be nothing worse than forgetting something at home when loading up for the weekend and your location outside the perimeter is miles and 45 minutes from home. You can save yourself a future headache or frustration of time lost by storing your extra vehicles at our locations and plan ahead.

Outdoor storage facilities are an excellent choice for this need. You likely only take out your boat a few times a year – the rest of the time it takes up space in your yard, garage, or driveway.

For even bigger vehicles like an RV, parking it in front of your home isn’t the most ideal solution, either. In some situations, where you park your RV on the street might be frowned upon or in violation of City of Winnipeg bylaws.

Why choose StorageVille?

Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleWe’re glad you asked! Here are the top ten reasons to choose StorageVille when renting a self-storage unit in Winnipeg!

  1. We offer self-storage units near you. Our two highly accessible and convenient locations on major Winnipeg roads – 830 Waverley Street and 123 Reenders Drive – means you don’t need to drive out to the perimeter, or further, to access your storage unit
  2. Temperature-controlled storage which is highly recommended if you need to store items that you would normally keep inside your house.
  3. Gate access hours that are very convenient. They allow you to access your items from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year. As well, if needed, extended hours can be accommodated – just talk to our team first.
  4. Clean and secure storage facilities, as we take pride in our business and we want you to have peace-of-mind that your belongings are safe while in self-storage.
  5. Our staff are not only friendly – they are experts in storage solutions and can recommend helpful tips when it comes to decluttering, moving, packing, etc. We’ve even written a mini-series about how storage units can help with all of life’s events.
  6. Our self-storage units can be rented for any length of time – from a single month to many years. Best of all your length of stay is month to month and is flexible and you choose how long you need the unit.
  7. Free 16-foot-long enclosed cube van offer for your move in… and 50% off cube van rentals when you decide to vacate.
  8. Our self-storage has a wide range of applications from personal use to a variety of small businesses, like tradespeople, sales teams, office managers, etc., students, and of course, outdoor storage.
  9. We have moving supplies and we can also rent you moving equipment at each of our locations.
  10. We care about our customers and, often, but not always, individuals can require self-storage during a time of need or due to a life event. We are here to help and sometimes even though, what we do is “storage” it can feel like a burden has been lifted – especially, if you’re in a tight situation.

So, to recap – you can get self-storage near you, with all these added benefits and additional assistance – bundled at a rate as competitive as the other guys… so what are you waiting for?!

StorageVille has self-storage units near you in Winnipeg!

If you’re in the Winnipeg area and are looking for self-storage locations, outdoor storage for your RV, campers, or trailers, or any types of storage units near you, we at StorageVille can help!

Request a quote online today to get started, and let’s see what type of storage unit best suits your needs.

Storage unit benefits for university students - University Students Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille

Storage unit benefits for university students - University Students Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleMore than two million Canadians enroll in public universities and colleges each year. No matter if you’re a first-year student or if you’ve experienced life in a university dorm before you can benefit greatly from renting a storage unit. What are storage unit benefits for university students?

Also, before we get started, we’d like to address how many post-secondary institutes are handling COVID-19. With classes moving online due to the pandemic, most students made the move off-campus permanently. However, the benefits listed here have already been observed by many students who rented storage while pursuing their degrees. And, with optimism of the vaccine becoming fully distributed on the horizon, we hope that one day students will return on campus for their post-secondary education.

Your needs in a storage unit may vary

To start, if you’re a first-year student, you are likely moving out of your parents’ home for the first time. You might not know what you need or what you won’t use. However, you’ll want to ensure you’re covered so you might end up bringing more belongings than you actually need. If you’re enrolled in a school further away from your parents’ home, this might impact your situation even more.

As for the seasoned dorm-room pro, living lean all these years can reduce the overall experiences you have. Renting a storage unit might be the perfect opportunity to get that “thing” you want, without having to worry about where you’ll be able to put it. We’re referring to sporting equipment, outdoor, or recreational equipment such as kayaks, camping gear, or a bicycle.

In either situation or somewhere in between, having access to store additional items you’ll need can be a benefit even if you’re a student. Ultimately, the needs you’ll have will be based on two main factors:

Create a mess-free environment in your room

Storage unit benefits for university students - University Students Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleUniversity dorm rooms are usually quite small. The average size of student housing on campus is 12 feet by 18 feet. Within your quarters, you’ll need the essentials to live – a bed, a desk, a computer, a place to store your clothing and books, and in some cases a mini-refrigerator or other small appliances. In fact, in some situations, more than one individual may share the space with you. That does not leave you too much space at your disposal. When living in such a small space, it is important to create a productive environment, where you can both study and relax.

Clutter will not allow you to relax, nor study effectively. That is not an assumption, that’s a scientific fact. If you want to study in peace and get ready for your exams, you need to declutter your room. A self-storage unit will allow you to have just enough space in your room to focus on your studies.

Increased security and safety for your possessions

Dorm life is a social environment. Many of your fellow peers might be wandering the building or halls at any hour of the day or night. However, you can use your storage unit to keep your valuables – off-site where they are safe and sound.

School’s out for the summer – but what about your stuff?

When summer break happens, it’s time to move out. Yearly moving can become quite a hassle for the average university student. Instead of lugging your belongings the distance of your trip, why not simply store them somewhere closer during the summer? Having a self-storage unit in this situation is especially beneficial if you’re relocating a great distance during your break.

Two convenient Winnipeg locations

Storage unit benefits for university students - University Students Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleWe make it easy to move your stuff a short distance with our two centralized locations in Winnipeg! If you’re studying at the University of Manitoba or somewhere else in the southwest – using the Waverley location will work well! If you’re enrolled at the University of Winnipeg or Red River College you might decide to select our northeast location on Reenders drive!

For either location, please contact us for more information or request a quote online today!

Get a cube van rental – for free!

As a student, you likely try to save money where you can. One of the benefits we add-on for any move-in is the opportunity to use our cube van to haul your belongings for free for up to four hours. Please reach out to our team to learn about how this offer will apply to your rental, as the length of the free cube van usage period will depend on the storage unit size you rent.

Please visit our website for more information about our cube van rentals!

There are storage units for all your necessities

Storage unit benefits for university students - University Students Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleAre you looking for a large storage space to put your luggage bags in? Or do you need a small unit where you can place your textbooks? No matter what the case may be, there is a storage unit out there that will suit your needs. What size should you go for?

It depends on several factors. If you are a first-year student, perhaps it would be smart to rent out a larger unit. That will give you room to grow and fill it up over time. If you only need a unit for a certain amount of time, there is also a short-term rental. The options are flexible.

You will be completely ready for the big move

Around 85% of university students go on to live on their own after graduating. Getting your first apartment requires a lot of logistics and planning. If you plan on moving into your apartment, a storage unit may help you prepare for the big move.

It can allow you to move your belongings out of the dorm before finding an apartment. You can take your time looking at new places around you, knowing that all your possessions are safe in temporary storage.

Check out StorageVille for Winnipeg self-storage units

If you are looking for a perfect place to stash your clothes, pieces of furniture, or gadgets, and other equipment, look no further than StorageVille. With short-term rentals, units with temperature control, and cube van rentals online, this is a perfect place for monthly self-storage. And, vacating your storage unit is easy and can be arranged online once you’re done with it.

You can keep your possessions in one of StorageVille’s units for as long as you wish. Make sure to ask about StorageVille’s refer-a-friend program for a discount too! Take the first step and request a quote online today.

banner - home staging Storage unit benefits for a home staging company - Winnipeg Home Staging Company - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVille

Storage unit benefits for a home staging company - Winnipeg Home Staging Company - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleHome staging is one of the best ways to make real estate properties stand out in the crowd, therefore, getting better selling prices and finding a buyer faster. As a home staging company, you know how much work can go into making a vacant house feel like a home. Home staging is a practice in form and function, arranging carefully picked furniture pieces and décor elements that give the space the kind of atmosphere you are aiming to create.

However, when you’re not staging a home – where does all that stuff go? And how do you transport the items from jobsite to jobsite? At StorageVille, we have the solution for you! There are many benefits to renting a self-storage unit for your home staging company. Find out more below!

Why should your home staging company rent a self-storage unit?

As you know, getting all the things you need for your home staging job to a new site can be complicated, as a staging company does need plenty of props, furniture, and other home improvement tools or materials for their work.

Here are the main storage unit benefits for a home staging company.

Storage unit benefits for a home staging company - Winnipeg Home Staging Company - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleStorage unit size options

At StorageVille we offer different types of storage for our customers, both temperature-controlled units, and non-temperature controlled. Our friendly staff can assist and make recommendations as to the size of storage unit you need, based on what you plan to store. Take a look at our storage unit size guide or tour our storage unit facility virtually.

We also carry moving and storage supplies for items that are not being used in your current staging project – or to help you organize items for future use.

Length of self-storage rental

Whether you need storage for a month or for many months to come, StorageVille can accommodate your needs, whether it is for short-term rentals or long-term rentals. Read our blog post goes into detail about how long you can rent your self-storage unit for. We want to make it easy and be transparent, so all our leases are month-to-month. However, you can rent a storage unit, month-to-month, for as long as you need to!

Location is everything… and that includes self-storage locations!

Working in the real estate industry, you’ve probably heard the phrase “location is everything” … that goes for your self-storage location too! Having a storage space close to the area of the city you mainly operate in is crucial in ensuring convenient use. At StorageVille, we have two fantastic locations, and both are very near to centrally located routes in the city.

If you are in the north end of Winnipeg, we recommend our location at 123 Reenders Drive. If you need storage in the south end, then get a unit at our location on 830 Waverley Street.

Storage unit benefits for a home staging company - Winnipeg Home Staging Company - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleSecurity of your home staging company assets

Instead of keeping all these items in your garage, constantly worrying about how well they are kept and how you will get them to the other side of the city, choose storage for home staging options that give you convenient access to your items.

The StorageVille facilities are secured by surveillance cameras 24/7. The grounds are well-lit and feature a 6-foot security fence surrounding the perimeter. The security gate and access to the interior buildings are individually passcode protected. As well, we use disc locks adding further to our overall program. And the lock is yours to keep once you no longer need the locker. None of our locks are reused or recycled.

Cleanliness and climate-control storage

We follow strict cleaning protocols for all self-storage units and the entire storage facility. Keeping your home staging items in a storage unit between uses ensures that they are clean and in perfect condition when you are ready for your next staging project.

As well, we strongly recommend opting for our temperature-controlled storage units. It is especially important if your home staging assets includes unique items like antiques. Our temperature-controlled storage is like the climate you feel in your home with use of a thermostat to regulate the air conditioning and heating. The lockers are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.


If you need a large vehicle to transport your staging items to your working site, StorageVille’s cube van rental is one of the best options you have. Conveniently pick one up at the location of your storage unit, use your staging items for the day of an open house or photo shoot, and then return your items and the 16-foot enclosed cube van at the same time!

We make the cube van rental very easy. Many of our home staging company customers love this feature and truly appreciate the convenience it offers and the positive impact it has on their business.

Recommend us to the homeowner, your home staging customers!

Storage unit benefits for a home staging company - Winnipeg Home Staging Company - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleIn addition to being a great way to store the supplies you need for your business; you can also recommend us to your home staging customers. While you are staging their home, they will need a safe and clean place to put their belongings. As a StorageVille customer, feel free to inform them of the many advantages to using self-storage at our facilities.

On top of the benefits for them, and for you having a rock-solid recommendation in StorageVille, the home you are staging will be easier to work with without having the client’s belongings in the home. There’s no doubt that without your client’s stuff piled into a room or a corner of the basement, the home staging can feel that much more complete. Because of this, the results from the staging should improve, as well.

Is your home staging company ready to benefit from a self-storage rental?

With a storage unit in play, it’ll help smooth logistics and planning before, during, and after each home staging job. If you’re ready to start seeing the benefits and need Winnipeg self-storage services for your home staging company, contact StorageVille or request a quote online today!

Help! I’ve already rented self-storage, but need more storage space - Winnipeg Self-Storage | StorageVille

What should I do about my storage space problem?

Help! I’ve already rented self-storage, but need more storage space - Winnipeg Self-Storage | StorageVilleWe’re all spending more time at home. But, if you’re home’s storage space is already full, what should you do? Perhaps, you’re already a customer at StorageVille, but you’ve run out of storage space in your current storage unit. You may be wondering if you should rent a new larger unit and move your stuff – or if you should just rent another small unit at our facility.

We have a wide variety of storage unit sizes available, with both temperature-controlled and non-temperature-controlled units, so this is a good question. What option is better? Read on, and we’ll discuss the benefits of both options to help you make the right decision.

The benefits of a single, larger unit for more storage space

Self-storage unit security with disc locks | StorageVilleIf you already have a storage unit at StorageVille, it’s easy to start renting a larger unit and move your stuff from one unit to the other. Here are a few benefits of upgrading storage space.

One lock, one key

You don’t have to worry about juggling multiple keys and remembering to bring them both when you visit StorageVille to pick up the stuff you need. As well, you will only need one lock. Finally, if you need drive-up access to your storage unit, that is available on all our non-temperature-controlled units.

 It May be less expensive

Renting a 10×20 storage unit, for example, is less expensive than renting two 10×10 units. As well, you’ll only have one monthly transaction, versus multiple. However, each storage situation is unique. For example, you might only need a temperature-controlled 5×10 storage unit with the rest of your belongings placed into non-temperature-controlled storage. In this situation, it might be cost-effective to rent a 5×10 for temperature-sensitive belongings and a 10×15 for the rest of your items.

You don’t have to remember which storage unit your stuff is stored in

If you have two different storage units or more, you may not remember where the stuff you need is stored. This can be especially frustrating if you regularly need to access your stored items. But with a single, large unit, it can be easier to stay organized, since all your stuff is in one place.

The benefits of an additional unit for more storage space

Rather than getting a larger unit, it’s always possible to simply rent an additional unit at StorageVille. Here are some benefits of doing so.

Short-term or long-term self-storage unit rentals in Winnipeg | StorageVilleYou don’t have to move your stuff

Whenever you’re moving your belongings, don’t forget to factor in the cost of moving them. If you’ve already filled up one storage unit, you can just leave your stuff in place. Then, start putting your additional items in your secondary unit. This saves you a lot of work.

You only need to store some things temporarily

Adding a new storage unit may be a good option if you need temporary storage, such as 1 or 2 months of storage during a move, to hold inventory, seasonal items, etc.

Some of your items don’t need temperature control

If you have a temperature-controlled unit, and you need to store some items like outdoor recreational gear, tools, and other stuff that doesn’t need a temperature-controlled environment, renting a non-temperature-controlled unit is to your advantage. You can save some money by doing this.

Having your belongings at different locations

If you’re a trades worker or if you have other reasons to store some stuff in the northeast end of Winnipeg, and other stuff in the south end of Winnipeg – splitting your belongings into two different storage units at either of our convenient locations can make the most sense.

We make storing your stuff easy, no matter what option you choose!

At StorageVille, we’re the best choice for self-storage in Winnipeg. Our unique combination of top-rated value propositions, professional customer service, and knowledgeable expertise that you can trust will make your self-storage rental the most pleasant experience it can be.

We offer straightforward pricing, easy to understand short-term or long-term storage solutions. If you need increased storage space, we make it easy for you to add a new unit to your rental contract. As well, we can help you upgrade to a larger storage unit, whichever is more convenient for your needs.

If you need more space at home, we offer self-storage made simple

If you need more space at home, we offer self-storage made simple - Self-Storage Winnipeg | StorageVilleRegardless of which option you choose, our cube van is available for up to 4 hours, FREE for new customers. The online aspects to request a quote, book a cube van, contact our office, or send through your vacating notice make self-storage simple. You’ll be able to move all of your stuff without a hassle at StorageVille. And when it comes time to move out, ask about our discounts for renting the cube van.

For more information or to learn more about our self-storage rental rates at StorageVille, just request a quote online or give us a call at 204.272.4687 at Reenders Drive location in northeast Winnipeg or 204.272.4533 for Waverly Street location in southwest Winnipeg.

Create space at home for your hobby or workshop - Winnipeg Storage - Self Storage Winnipeg - StorageVille Winnipeg, Manitoba

If you want to create a home workshop in your basement or build a garage workshop, we can help. As storage and space de-cluttering experts, here are a few tips to help you clear out your space. Once you create space to set up a workshop or hobby space, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having everything you need easily accessible from your home.

Assess the space and clear away what you don’t need

Create space at home for your hobby or workshop - Winnipeg Storage - Self Storage Winnipeg - StorageVille Winnipeg, ManitobaWondering how to setup a garage workshop or home workshop? The first step is to identify the best area for your workshop and assess the area. Then, think about what you may need to make the space more functional.

One of the simplest ways to remove clutter is to store your belongings. You can rent a storage unit from StorageVille to create space for the things you need to support your workshop or hobby. Then, store things that are not directly related to your efforts with self-storage.

Explore options for vertical and overhead storage

Create space at home for your hobby or workshop - Winnipeg Storage - Self Storage Winnipeg - StorageVille Winnipeg, ManitobaVertical and overhead storage options are excellent for making the most out of a small space. Consider using a slat wall to meet different storage needs and configurations and buying floating shelves to stash your stuff high up on the walls, where it won’t get in the way or take up floor space.

Create a multiple use workspace or a collapsible workspace

If you have a larger space, building a purpose-built multi-use workbench is a great idea, since it will be more stable and durable. This is particularly important if you’re working with power tools.

However, those who have a smaller home workshop or garage workshop may want to get a collapsible or folding table/workbench. This way, it can be folded away if you need more floor space for your day-to-day tasks.

Invest in durable, easy-to-clean flooring and update ventilation

Garages or basements can be finished with concrete epoxy, linoleum, and a wide variety of other materials. Choose something that’s durable and easy to clean, particularly in garages if vehicles will still park in the garage.

You also may want to think about ventilation if you’ll be using any dangerous chemicals, sawing wood, or doing anything else in your workshop that may require proper ventilation for safety purposes.

Lock down your valuable tools and equipment with secure cabinets

Secure, padlocked cabinets let you keep your valuable tools and equipment safe. This is particularly important in garage workshops or other external buildings outside of your primary home.

Improve lighting fixtures and natural light

Create space at home for your hobby or workshop - Winnipeg Storage - Self Storage Winnipeg - StorageVille Winnipeg, ManitobaAdding windows may be an option to increase the natural light coming into your workspace. If not, or if the workspace will be primarily used after the sun goes down, invest in new lighting. Overhead and task lighting can go a long way to make sure you can see what you’re doing in your home workshop or garage workshop – and increase its usable hours.

Check that your electrical needs are properly met

Extension cords and power bars are only a temporary solution. If you need more outlets in your workspace, it’s a good idea to invest in the services of an electrician to add more power to different parts of your workshop or hobby area.

Add insulation for warmth and noise reduction

Insulation is particularly important in garages and is less of a concern in basements and other interior areas of your home. Fiberglass and spray foam are both good options. You may want to consult with a contractor or insulation specialist to determine your best options for insulation and noise reduction in your workspace. Also, be aware of the fire hazards a space heater can pose especially if there are flammable materials in your workshop. It’s always best to look for permanent solutions than temporary fixes to heating your hobby space.

Need to create space? Contact StorageVille today!

Wondering how to setup a home workshop or garage when you have too much stuff? The very first step might be to create space! And with that, StorageVille is here to help! We have many different types and sizes of storage units available. We’ll be able to help you select a self-storage option that a good fit for the belongings you need to store. We have the best value-proposition in the business, backed by a knowledgeable, friendly team, and flexible rental terms. Just ask us!

Contact us online to learn more and inquire about renting a storage unit from StorageVille.

Storing collectibles in your storage unit – our tips and advice | StorageVille

Whether you’re already a collector or you’ve developed a newfound interest in collecting a particular type of item, you may be interested in the types of top collections, how to store collectibles, and what to think about when putting collections in storage. Using our guidance, we can help you keep your collectibles for years to come.

Most common collectibles and our tips for storing them in your self storage unit

Wondering what kinds of collector’s items tend to attract the most interest? Here are a few common types of top collectibles that are likely the most popular and can be frequently found in self storage.

Storing collectibles – Stamps

Stamps are an ideal collector’s item since they’re small and easy to store, yet have a tremendous amount of variety. Typically, stamps are stored in special binders on acid-free paper protected by plastic. These stamp “books” allow the stamps to both be displayed, organized, and stored easily.

Storing collectibles – Coins

Coin collecting has a history that goes back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Coin collectors often have collections spanning thousands of years, too. They are often stored in 2”x2” Mylar storage sleeves that are held in a plastic, cardboard, or metal box. 

Storing collectibles – Baseball pins

Baseball pins are growing in popularity as a collector’s item. These small durable pins are usually stored in customized boxes or frames, which allow the pin to be attached using its own hardware.

Storing collectibles – Trading cards

Trading cards, including sports cards like baseball cards, basketball cards, and hockey cards or game cards from TCG (Trading Card Games) like Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and other such cards have long been popular with collectors. They are usually stored in plastic sleeves inside large binders or books of cards, similar to stamps.

Storing collectibles – Comic books

Comic books are perennially-popular collectibles. Usually, they are stored in Mylar bags that are custom-fitted to the book, which is then placed in tall, durable corrugated cardboard boxes or plastic storage totes.

Storing collectibles – Toys & action figures

Toys and action figures are often stored in the plastic or cardboard boxes in which they were originally sold, sometimes with an additional bag or plastic wrap to protect them even further. 

Storing collectibles – Antiques

Perhaps the largest of the collectibles from this list means that it’ll require large amounts of space. An antique collector’s collection can grow in size quickly, especially, if they are keen on seeking out furniture, glass or ceramic decorations, etc. These items are also always best stored in a clean and dry self storage unit.

Consider the environmental requirements for your collections when choosing storage

A small collection of one of the above collector’s items may easily fit into a storage space at home, but if you collect multiple types of memorabilia and collector’s items, your collection may grow to such an extent that you have to put your collections in storage.

When it comes to how to store collectibles at a storage facility like StorageVille, the most important thing to consider is whether or not you want to use a temperature-controlled environment.

Most collections of small items, such as stamps, baseball cards, coins, vinyl records, and comic books, should be placed in a temperature-controlled storage facility. Fluctuations in non-temperature controlled lockers in humidity and heat or excessive cold can ruin your collection.

However, if you collect larger and more durable items – such as vintage motorcycles or bicycles, for example – you might be able to get away with storing them in a non-temperature-controlled unit. This can be less expensive depending on the size of your collection. It can also be handy if you’re storing large items, as our non-temperature controlled units offer drive-up access, similar to a garage on a home.

Need to put your collections in storage? StorageVille is here to help!

At StorageVille, we’re always ready to help you store your valuable collectibles. We have a wide variety of different temperature-controlled and non-temperature-controlled units available to store your collector items and offer excellent service at a reasonable rate.

If your top collections have outgrown your home, apartment, garage, or basement, we’re here to help you keep them safe and secure. With 24/7 security monitoring, you can trust StorageVille – your belongings are in good hands. In fact, all lockers are individually alarmed and monitored by Bell. And you have your own chosen personalized access code. Contact us online to learn more, and start renting one of our storage units today.

Our guide for cleaning your self storage unit during and after renting - Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Our guide for cleaning your self storage unit during and after renting - Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille Winnipeg, ManitobaA self storage unit can become disorganized and difficult to keep clean in several ways. Perhaps, when you moved in, you were in a hurry and didn’t have a chance to put things into the unit in an organized manner. If all of your belongings aren’t organized and scattered around the floor, it can make it hard to know what you have. As well, it’ll make tidying the storage unit increasingly tough. While we don’t necessarily have any rules for cleaning units until you are moving out, we will always recommend that a clean unit is a happy unit! And, that’s why we wrote this guide for cleaning your self storage unit during and after renting!

Tips for organizing and cleaning your self storage unit during renting

Start by inventorying what is in the storage unit

Our guide for cleaning your self storage unit during and after renting - Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille Winnipeg, ManitobaThe first thing you’ll want to do is create an inventory of what’s in the unit. If you already have some boxes with labels outlining their contents, this will be helpful. We suggest labeling boxes on the top and sides.

Otherwise, start by making a list of what you see, and then start going through individual boxes to look at their contents, and add each one to your inventory. This inventory will help you keep track of what you’re going to keep in the unit – and what you’ll get rid of.

Clear some space to sort your stuff

Next, you’ll need to clear out some space in your storage unit so that you can start sorting your stuff. However, all of your belongings need to remain inside of your unit. Please don’t stack items in the hallway or outside of your unit. If you feel you need access to your items overtime create an aisle up the middle of your locker to access items in the rear of the locker.

You can also stack some of your stuff up to create more space or move boxes or move other items to your vehicle temporarily until you’ve got more room to work in your unit.

Start sorting through your items (and ask for help!)

Next is the fun part – sorting through your piles of items and determining what you want to keep and what needs to go.

You can do this by yourself, but we recommend asking a couple of friends or family members for help with this, particularly if you have a lot of stuff to go through. This can be particularly useful if you’re organizing storage space and maybe getting rid of some stuff with sentimental value. Remember, no food of any kind in any kind of container, flammables, paint, propane, and other materials are not allowed.

For more information on sorting your belongings, continue to read below for tips on dealing with items you don’t want any more.

Once you’ve sorted, put your storage space to work for you!

Our guide for cleaning your self storage unit during and after renting - Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille Winnipeg, ManitobaYour self storage unit experience will be what you make of it. In most situations, especially if you’re going to be renting the unit for a long period, we recommend investing in shelving and other organizational tools, like clear plastic bins, to help stack belongings.

Not only will having your belongings on shelves and bins help with keeping your belongings organized, it will give you more floor space to work with. It’ll make cleaning or moving around in your storage unit easier. With your stored items properly organized, your satisfaction with your unit will increase!

After you’ve went through the task of organizing and sorting your items – don’t just put them back into the unit any old way. Create a plan or hierarchy and stick to it. Find tools and other methods that you can use to continue to keep things orderly for yourself.

Be careful not to stack cardboard boxes too high as the weight may crush the lower boxes and could be a hazard.

Still looking for tips to stay organized during a rental?

If you’re still looking for tips for staying organized during your storage unit rental, we’ve created a couple of in-depth articles in the past. We encourage you to check out and read for more information.

As well, as your Winnipeg self storage unit rental experts, we’re primarily here to help you. If you have any questions, please reach out and ask us!

Tips for cleaning your self storage unit after renting

Make different piles or areas for selling, donating, giving away, disposing of Items

Our guide for cleaning your self storage unit during and after renting - Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille Winnipeg, ManitobaDepending on how much time you have before, during, or after you’re storage unit move-in or out – you may be organizing your belongings at any time. However, the key is to organize, which will remove the burden of carrying or moving unwanted items. And, the best way to sort through your stuff is with a “four pile” system:

Sell – This is for items that you don’t need but are valuable and could actually fetch a good price at a yard sale, on eBay or Kijiji, at a second-hand store, or elsewhere.

Give away – Giving away useful items to friends or family members is a good alternative to selling them if you don’t want to bother with the process, or if the items don’t have a particularly high resale value.

Donate – Things like old clothes and furniture, unused appliances, old books, and other similar items can be donated to do some good, and to get a bit of a tax break, in some cases!

Trash – This is for stuff that is not worth giving away, selling, or donating, like broken appliances, anything that may have been ruined while in storage, and other such items. Consider hiring a junk removal company if you have a lot of stuff to get rid of. If you’re already at your storage unit and you have items to dispose of, you need to take them home or offsite to trash them.

Cleaning your self storage unit after your rental

For the best results we recommend you are well-organized and have already dealt with disposing of items in various ways before you move out. The day will be hectic enough without having to take additional steps to deal with some belongings. Here are the steps for vacating

Before your move-out date

Before the date, you need to inform our office that you will be leaving giving us 21 days’ notice. If you do not tell us, we will continue to charge you for the service, as the service we provide will continue until you ask it to stop. There are many ways for you to let us know that you are leaving – contact us via phone, email, use our website’s vacating form

Arrange transportation for your belongings. Whether that is a moving company, friends and family, or through any other means. You are responsible for ensuring that your moving plans can occur before the date your rental agreement ends. As well, StorageVille is always here to help, we offer flexibility, accessibility, and can even rent a cube van to you for a reduced price! If there are other ways to help, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests.

Remove all items from your self storage unit that you don’t want. Make it easy on your future self and organize your unit before you move. Follow our tips above for best results!

On your move-out date

We don’t recommend leaving your move-out date for the last possible moment, but if you don’t have a choice, make sure you start early in the day. However, for best results, giving yourself an extra day or two before your vacating date is best. This won’t force you to rush and will give you an opportunity to address unforeseen issues, should they come up.

On the move date, show up with your transportation or come into the office if you’re renting a cube van to finalize the details. We also carry an inventory of moving equipment and moving supplies, for purchase, should you need.

The key is to be organized in an effort for this day to run as smoothly as possible.

After you’ve moved your belongings

Our guide for cleaning your self storage unit during and after renting - Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille Winnipeg, ManitobaOnce you’ve relocated your stored items offsite, you can come back to your empty storage unit to clean. Depending on how much upkeep you’ve done will determine the length of time this will take. We require all rentals to be returned to the condition they were first rented at. This will require you to sweep the floor, at a minimum.

If you rented a cube van, you can return it for an after-use inspection. And, once you’re finished with your storage unit cleaning, we conduct a quick walk-through with you to ensure everything is in order. Then, you are “checked out” of the facility. For the safety of other renters’ belongings, you will no longer have access to the storage unit facility. So, make sure you have all of your belongings before you check out!

That’s all it takes! Of course, if you need a self storage unit in Winnipeg in the future, we hope you think of us! We truly appreciate your business and would love to offer you our services again!

Need storage space in Winnipeg? Come to StorageVille!

At StorageVille, we have a huge number of Winnipeg storage units of all types and sizes. If you need additional storage, we’re always here to help – contact us online or give us a call at 204.272.4687 (Reenders Drive location) or 204.272.4533 (Waverly Street location) now!