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Are you interested in taking part and bidding in our storage unit auctions in Winnipeg? At StorageVille, we auction off quite a few storage units each year, and you may be able to “strike gold” and find some valuable, unique items that you can resell or keep. There is no limit to what you might find – so read on to learn more about storage auctions at StorageVille.

What is a storage unit auction?

What could you find at a storage unit auction in Winnipeg? - Storage Unit Auctions Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleUnfortunately, there are some situations where some of our customers are unable to pay for their locker rental. Before we even get close to freeing up their locker for auction, we take numerous measures to avoid auctioning their goods. By law, we cannot auction any items before 90 days. And in most cases, we spend months before the 90-day period is up to work with the customer. Including notifications in the newspaper, registered mail and direct contact. However personal circumstances as such and for whatever reasons, lockers do get abandoned.

Why does a storage unit auction happen?

While we cannot comment on the specific reasons why an individual may abandon a storage unit full of their belonging – we’ll chalk it up to “life happens”. However, once a storage unit has been abandoned and after several notices have been sent to the contact person the storage facility must do something about it. Going through a storage unit and cleaning it out is time-consuming and will cost us time and money. There can be items of value in a storage unit, but for an employee to review, sort, and sell each item separately is too time-consuming. So, StorageVille uses storage unit auctions instead to clear out the unit.

How do StorageVille storage unit auctions work?

In this type of auction, bidders can look at the contents of a storage unit virtually (they can’t go into the unit) through videos and photos. Then they will place a bid for all the items in the unit. Whoever bids the highest wins and gains legal ownership of the items. The storage unit auctions are listed on our website and allow you to partake from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. It’s just that simple!

Visit our storage auctions page to see our upcoming auctions. If there are no upcoming auctions, be sure to check back often. Alternatively, sign up for notifications via email when new auctions come to market.

Why are the storage unit auctions online?

We used to do storage unit auctions at our facilities in Winnipeg – but we often had to cancel events due to inclement weather or wait months for enough storage units to be available for an in-person auction. There is also a question of security having the public enter our storage unit facility for no other reason than to participate in the auction.

That’s why, and for several other reasons, like convenience, popularity, etc., we’ve switched to an internet-based auction method for our storage unit auctions.

What might I find in a storage unit auction?

While we can’t guarantee what you’ll find in a storage unit you won in an auction here are a few items that are commonly stored at StorageVille. We’ve seen all of these items obtained through a successful storage unit auction winning bid. But, again, it’s the luck of the draw.

  • What could you find at a storage unit auction in Winnipeg? - Storage Unit Auctions Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleAppliances – From small appliances like toasters and fans to refrigerators and stoves, it is common to find appliances in storage units.
  • Furniture – Couches, chairs, kitchen sets, and more are commonly stored in storage units.
  • Antiques & Collectables – These are particularly common in indoor, temperature-controlled units.
  • Electronics – Electronics like computers, speakers, record players, TVs, gaming consoles and other such modern and vintage electronics are common sights at storage auctions.
  • Tools & hobby materials – From power tools to wrench sets, and even large tools like shop cranes or drill presses, you can often find valuable tools stored in Winnipeg storage units. Hobby materials and music equipment are also found fairly regularly.
  • … and more “out there” items – You may find some strange things while bidding on storage units in Winnipeg! You can take a look at this article for a few… unique items that have been found in storage units across the world. So much so, storage unit auctions and the items found in the auctions have resulted in TV shows, like Auction Hunters or Storage Wars Canada, with a passionate fan base and following.

Are Storage Unit Auctions Worth it?

Like all auctions, there is no set value to the items in a storage locker and the bidding determines it’s cost but not it’s value. As well, many items can be boxed and will be bid on unseen. The value of items may go above or below expectations and the auction determines what the cost is, not the value of the items. It is up to the bidders to determine if the items are worth their bid.

What happens after you win a storage unit auction?

What could you find at a storage unit auction in Winnipeg? - Storage Unit Auctions Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleIf your bid is the winner of a storage unit auction, you’ll receive an email from our auction software notifying you of the win! To claim your winnings, you’ll need to access your account and proceed through the checkout steps to pay the auction fee. You’ll receive another email with a confirmation number and directions to the StorageVille location. Please bring your confirmation number so we can identify and validate that you’re the winner.

Upon arriving at StorageVIlle to claim the unit you won, you’ll need to pay the bid price in full. Depending on the size of the storage unit, you’ll also be required to cover a deposit – $200 for units under 10×25 and $500 for units above that size. The deposit will be returned to you once you’ve emptied and cleaned the unit. We allow you two days to collect your newly found belongings and empty the unit.

Participate in our online storage unit auctions and see what you might find!

Not every storage unit is a gold mine, but they’re all an adventure! So, if you’re intrigued about the process, or are simply just curious, we invite you to visit our storage unit auctions page, find a storage unit you want to bid on and join in on the auction!

If you have any questions about our storage unit auction process, please contact our office via our website.

Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Self-Storage for Selling - Winnipeg Self-Storage for Moving - Winnipeg Self-Storage for Renovating - StorageVille, Winnipeg, Manitoba

At StorageVille we make it our mission to be there for Winnipeggers when they need a storage unit.  There are many life situations for which you may find yourself in need of reliable self-storage.  In this three-part series, we will look at uses for self-storage during three different life events. In the coming months, we will examine ways Self-storage solutions can help make your home office or business better. We will follow with how self-storage can assist during life’s unexpected events.

For this month we will take a look at the benefits of self-storage while you are selling, moving, and renovating your home. Situations like these can be a large undertaking since they come with a lot of moving parts. Our suggestions below will have you ready to take the next steps, no matter what challenge you are facing.

Storage Unit Benefits While Selling Your Home

Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Self Storage for Selling - Winnipeg Self Storage for Moving - Winnipeg Self Storage for Renovating - StorageVille, Winnipeg, ManitobaYou’ve decided to list your home on the market and have gone through the process of finding a suitable realtor you’d like to handle the sale for you. They come to your home to analyze and prepare the listing information. While they are reviewing the property, they mention the clutter in your space. They even go as far as to suggest enlisting the services of a home staging company; but where are all your prized possessions going?

The Impact of a Cluttered Home

When someone points out the clutter in your home can be a difficult pill to swallow but the professionals are correct, and they have sales data to back up their claims!  The fact is that cluttered homes can sell for less value. It’s important to know there is a difference between a home’s appraisal value versus the marketability, which is what a cluttered home could impact.  For example, see the following article: http://www.cbtownandcountry.com/home-sales-and-the-ubiquitous-clutter-effect/

To make sure you receive the maximum return on your home during its sale, tuck away infrequently used items into a storage unit. Renting a storage unit from us during the sales process will be a fraction of the cost when compared to the lost equity due to the sale of a cluttered home.

Along with retaining the money you’ve invested into your home, using a self-storage unit can benefit the sales process in the following ways:

  • Having less clutter usually means your home will be easier to clean in between showings.
  • Applying a fresh coat of paint (and other minor repairs) will be less strenuous with less to move.
  • With self-storage, you won’t need to rely on your outdoor shed or garage, which will be subject to weather. Instead, use our temperature-controlled storage units. As well, security on external buildings found on your property won’t match the features our secure self-storage facilities offer.
  • Garages often have the worst clutter in your home. To some buyers that conveys a negative impression on your home. They also can’t envision their belongings in an overly cluttered area.  Get the clutter out of the way by using self-storage!
  • For your convenience, you can arrange your storage unit and provide a vacating notice once your home is sold from the comfort of your own home, 24/7 through our website.

Don’t forget to book our 16-foot enclosed cube van that is available FREE for up to 4 hours to make your move-in easier.

Self-Storage Unit Benefits for Moving

Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Self Storage for Selling - Winnipeg Self Storage for Moving - Winnipeg Self Storage for Renovating - StorageVille, Winnipeg, ManitobaMoving comes with its own set of logistics and if not properly planned for can transform into a nightmare.  If you’ve already stored personal belongings in a self-storage unit to declutter while selling your home, why not leave them there while you finish relocating to your new home? Your home will remain uncluttered while you pack the rest of your belongings.

Also, why not take full advantage of our FREE cube vans which are available for up to four hours? The cube van is perfect for the transit of stored items.  We can become your one-stop-shop for all things required for a successful transition between homes. We have moving supplies and moving boxes as well. If you need the cube van to move out, be sure to ask about the 50% discount!

Self-Storage Unit Benefits when Renovating

Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Self Storage for Selling - Winnipeg Self Storage for Moving - Winnipeg Self Storage for Renovating - StorageVille, Winnipeg, ManitobaFor most, a renovation is an investment in their single most valuable asset. You want it done right, on time, and within budget. Just like other items mentioned, any renovation project needs planning and calculation of resources available while your home is under construction.  Less clutter means fewer chances of job sie injury and more room for contracting professionals to move around.  Self-storage is going to be your best bet for combating these issues.

As the realtor, the home renovation specialist you hire is a professional in their industry. If the space you’re renovating is excessively cluttered, you will only slow them down and then your project may end up being more expensive than you thought.  Plus, clutter only increases the chances of injury on the job site

In addition to accidents resulting in injury, the more valuables you have cluttering the space – the more likely something can be damaged or broken. Don’t risk your possessions. Store them in our clean and secure, temperature-controlled self-storage units during your project.

We Are Here to Help!

We are here to solve your storage needs! Our goal is to make your life easier,  even in times that can appear stressful. When you contact us for self-storage, know you are contacting Winnipeg’s leading storage facilities. Besides our value propositions of accessible, convenient, clean, and secure storage units, our team is friendly and invested in your best interests.

Even if you don’t need storage now but think you might in the future, give us a call and drop by for a tour.

Many of the others in the storage unit business are from out of town. We are locally owned; committed to Winnipeg. We have a vested interest in being Winnipeg’s top choice for self-storage units.

StorageVille… Where Winnipeg Stores

excess inventory storage solutions for business

Just in time inventory has been the practice of retailers, manufacturers, and assemblers for decades. Simply put, forecast sales, forecast demand, production, shipping, storage, and inventory control. Then draw down as needed – rinse, repeat, and replenish.

That is fine when supply chains are running optimally, with no disruptions. Disruptions in the last two years will forever re-shape supply chains from the biggest manufacturers (like Caterpillar) right down to a local Main Street retailer.

Today, with inventories in short supply, manufacturing stunted and availability of goods in flux, self-storage has a fit in today’s moving target of supply and demand of all types of goods.

Consider these scenarios:

A local retailer who sells sporting goods. He placed his order for hockey skates in the spring of 2021 for delivery in early summer. The inventory was to last until February but sold out by November and he will not be able to replenish his skate supply until the next booking season. The conclusion is that with this much demand for skates then most likely hockey sticks will follow. He has one more shot at a stick order and normally his earlier order would have sufficed. But now he anticipates he will need even more sticks and orders more.

Being a retailer stock rooms are typically small and historically relied on inventory from suppliers, quick fill-in orders, and quick shipping but not now.

So, what does he do with the stick order due in 3 weeks? He is not going to add more retail space when warehouse-type space is needed.

The next case is an electrical contractor who needs an available supply of wire and conduit for a project. Typically, he would order anywhere from a few days to a week’s supply from the distributor and pick up for that day but now that method will not provide the availability he needs.

He knows exactly how much conduit he needs for the job, has completed 15% of the project, needs another 30% of the material in 4 weeks but has no guarantee of getting it when he needs it because just in time inventory is now just not available inventory. And his truck will not hold 30% of the product needed in 4 weeks. This electrical contractor needs an inventory overflow storage solution.

For him and the hockey retailer, the value of self-storage would fit.

  • 24-hour access to his secure and alarm monitored locker,

  • Passcode protected gate access,

  • In both cases, they can drive right up to the locker and load up,

  • Deliveries accepted on their behalf,

  • No long-term lease, it is month to month,

  • Central locations on major routes,

  • Easy access for the transport companies.

Just in Case storage solutions from Storageville may be the answer in both these scenarios. 

Temperature Controlled Self Storage Winnipeg - Climate Controlled Storage - Climate Controlled Self Storage - StorageVille

At StorageVille we are proud to offer temperature controlled storage to our customers!  If you have ever lived in or visited Winnipeg you will have experienced at least one of our four distinct seasons; maybe even within the same day! Winnipeg certainly has its share of extremes when it comes to  weather and climate, which is why it is safe to say that Winnipeggers need temperature controlled self storage.

What is temperature controlled storage?

What do Winnipeggers need to know about temperature controlled storage?  Temperature controlled storage refers to the act of directly controlling the temperature within a given storage space.  Controlling the temperature of a storage unit means that we have a centralized heating and cooling system. This is similar to your home’s furnace and air conditioning in which your have the ability to adjust the temperature via a thermostat within your building.  The air conditioning also removes humidity within the building.  At StorageVille our customers have access to all the benefits of temperature control when they use our temperature controlled storage!

Is there such a thing as climate controlled storage?

Climate refers to the average weather conditions that prevail over a given region over time. The conditions making up climate are best described using many different weather terms. These include rainfall, wind speed, humidity, barometric pressure, humidex, wind chill factor, and of course temperature.  No storage operator can control the climate.  We can however, protect your belongings from it with temperature controlled storage!

When should you use temperature controlled storage?

Temperature Controlled Storage

We highly recommend that you avail yourself of our temperature controlled storage while you are storing valuables or other items that are sensitive to the effects of inconsistent temperature and humidity.  Some examples may be sentimental items, photographs, artwork, antiques, musical instruments, upholstered furniture, important legal or monetary documents and files, and more.  Temperature controlled units at StorageVille simulate the conditions in your own home.  Temperature controlled storage should be used in all seasons; especially a Winnipeg summer!  The heat can be just as damaging to your valuables as cold can be.

Due to Winnipeg’s unique climate, dynamic seasons, and abrupt changes in temperature throughout the year, Winnipeggers need reliable temperature controlled storage.   At StorageVille we deliver just that, along with peace of mind knowing there is added protection from the harsh elements that a non-temperature controlled locker would not provide for your stored valuables.

If you’re interested in learning more about our temperature controlled storage solutions please see our website’s Temperature Controlled Storage page or Contact Us today!

Outdoor RV and Boat Storage - StorageVille - Outdoor Storage Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Are you like many Winnipeggers who have always dreamt of owning a boat, fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motor home but you don’t have the space to store your prized possession? The City of Winnipeg by-laws restrict trailer and RV parking on residential streets, which can lead to costly parking tickets. In addition, if you bring your RV onto your property, it is constantly in the way regardless of the season or if it is in use. Luckily, StorageVille is here to solve all of your storage needs with  outdoor RV and boat storage.

What is outdoor RV and boat storage?

As you could guess, outdoor RV and boat storage is as straightforward as it sounds: we provide extra space to store your possessions outside for a monthly rental fee. At StorageVille, we have many reasons for Winnipeggers to make our outdoor storage facility the one to choose for their self storage needs.

StorageVille’s benefits to outdoor storage

Convenient location

We have two storage unit sites in the city of Winnipeg and each of our locations are along major thoroughfares (and did we mention that we are locally owned and operated?). Of course, this is of benefit to you, as you can select which location to store depending on where you will most often be taking your RV or boat. Need to go south or west of the city? Our Waverley location will give you quick access to exit the city south via Waverley Street, to Kenaston Blvd., to the south side of the Perimeter. Looking to head east or north to many of the marvelous lakes and provincial parks? Use our location on Reenders which will give quick access to Lagimodiere Blvd., and onto the North Perimeter.

Accessible facility

As well as being conveniently located, our facility is accessible. Our staffed hours are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday; 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on Saturday; and 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Sunday. However, no need to come during those hours to simply pick-up or drop-off your boat or RV. Our gate access hours are seven days a week, available and open at 6:00 AM, closing at 11:00 PM.

Secure grounds

Give yourself peace of mind;  along with convenience and accessibility, we take the security of our storage unit facilities seriously. Offering secure storage solutions is our number one priority at StorageVille. We achieve this by equipping the grounds with 24-hour surveillance video cameras, ensuring the grounds have ample lighting, and each storage complex features a 6-foot tall fence around the entire perimeter. As well, we allow for each customer to use their own unique passcode for gate access. You can expect maximum transparency if you choose StorageVille for your self storage needs as we  track passcodes in terms of when they were used, and by whom.

If you want covered storage, we have you covered!

On top of storage solutions for outdoors, we offer covered storage for RVs and boats at our Reenders location. Covered storage is beneficial as it reduces the sun on your RV, boat, or classic car and allowing the shine and ‘like new’ feeling to last without any fading caused by outdoor elements.

Along with all of the benefits, all our RV and outdoor storage spots are reserved to avoid scramble parking. Not only is outdoor storage an excellent solution during the winter, but it also makes sense to store with us all year round. Call us today at StorageVille to book your spot!

Ways to reduce stress when moving - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille
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While moving into a new home is far from fun, StorageVille has you covered with some helpful tips that will have you ready to move in no time!  Here are 8 ways to reduce stress while moving house in Winnipeg:

1) Decide on either moving company or do-it-yourself

If you choose a moving company make sure you do your research first and pick a reputable company, and make sure you have replacement insurance either your own or through the mover. If you decide not to use a moving company you'll want to avail yourself of u-haul style cube vans from StorageVille to help you haul your belongings across Winnipeg. If you're looking to use our cube van during your move, be sure to book the cube van in advance!

2) Downsize your material possessions

  • Keep only the amount of items that you NEED!
  • If items are in worn, outdated, in bad shape, or you just plain hate them REPLACE them if you can.
  • Give yourself a no-guilt free-pass to toss broken belongings or items with missing pieces.
  • Keep only the small furniture pieces that you LOVE or that you will REPURPOSE.
  • Be sure the large furniture you own has a place in your new space. If not, SELL it.
  • Keep only decor that you LOVE.
  • Not sure if you want to to toss a particular item? StorageVille has accessible, clean, convenient, and secure self-storage options at two locations in Winnipeg.

3) Start Early

Simply put don't wait until the last minute to start packing. Begin early and pack up the things you don't need.  Whether you are moving within the city of Winnipeg or out of province, giving yourself enough time will go a long way in reducing overall stress.

4) Label your boxes

Be sure to label fragile boxes FRAGILE. Keep all like items from each room together, this will go a long way in keeping things organized and make unpacking quicker.  Need moving supplies such as boxes, tools, and more?  StorageVille has all of those things at your disposal and can help your efforts as a one-stop shop so that your move is more cost-effective and efficient for YOU.

5) Separate out a box of necessities

Necessities such as: toilet paper, soap, light bulbs, garbage bags, sheets, towels... and anything else you think you will immediately need.

6) Organize your utilities

Nothing is worse than unpacking in the cold and dark so be sure to contact the gas, electric, phone, water and cable companies before you move so they are ready and waiting for you.  Cold Winnipeg winters are not to be trifled with!

7) Painting and other repairs

It's a lot easier painting an empty room or to repair flooring. So plan on doing any type of repairs, if needed, prior to move-in date.  Need to store your belongings while you spruce up your new place? StorageVille has temperature controlled and secure self-storage units of all shapes and sizes.  If you're in the Winnipeg area, give us a call and we'll help you get started.

8) Re-Key

You never know how many keys are floating around out there. It's a wise idea to do just before move in.  Rekeying your new house is as easy as finding a reputable locksmith in the Winnipeg area and giving them a call.

store your RV for the winter with storageville.

As camping season comes to a close, how do you go about safely, and easily storing your RV until it is time again for summer fun? If you put some work into preparing your RV for winter storage, it’ll be that much easier to get on the road in the spring. Follow these tips to get your second home ready for its winter nap.

Remove the Water from your Pipes

When subjected to cooler temperatures, water freezes and expands. Water left in the pipes over the winter will crack and lead to costly damage to your RV. Therefore it is crucial to drain the water from all plumbing, pipes, fittings, lines, tanks, water heaters, windshield wiper systems, radiators, or anything else that has water in it. Drain the fresh water and waste tanks, and don’t forget to open all faucets to drain the water completely from the system. The next step is to pump nontoxic RV antifreeze into your plumbing system including all tanks, lines, and drains.

Your RV owner’s manual should instruct you on exactly how to complete this process easily and properly, but if it feels a bit too intimidating, you can always contact an RV store or service centre and they will offer this service to you for a fee.

Seal the Deal

The name of the game is to make sure that your RV is sealed properly during its winter storage to prevent water leaks or visits from unwelcome critters. Closely examine the roof, slide-outs, doors, windows, seams, access panels, and hinges. Look out for new holes, cracks, or just points of entry where things may improperly seal due to dirt and grime. This is the time to re-caulk, repair, or clean for proper sealing during storage. Don’t forget to lubricate locks and hinges if needed. Also remember that rodents can easily crawl up cords and cables, chew through plastic, and squeeze into tiny holes, so leave no stone unturned!

Before resealing anything on your own, read your RV user’s manual or consult with your RV dealer to be sure you have the correct product. The wrong sealant might not set properly, or it may damage finishes. If you choose to cover your RV, avoid using a plastic one, as it could damage the finish or trap moisture. A zippered cover allows for easy access during long-term storage if needed.

Remove the Batteries

Winter and batteries are not friends! Batteries tend to get damaged by freezing temperatures, particularly RV batteries, which are lead-acid batteries that do not seal. Also, an unconnected battery will slowly discharge which will weaken the cells through a process called sulfation, thus decreasing the life of the battery. Therefore, it is best to remove your batteries and store them separately from the RV in a cool, dry place or in a charger. To remove the batteries, turn off all the breaker switches and disconnect the negative terminal first to avoid shorting. During the winter storage season use a voltmeter, hydrometer, or multimeter to check the charge of your battery. Do not let the charge go below 80%, or you may find yourself with a damaged battery.

Stabilize the Fuel

Did you know that gasoline can oxidize over time and damage your engine? Prevent your gas from degrading by adding a fuel stabilizer before you bring your RV into storage. To properly stabilize your fuel, fill the tank completely and then add the fuel stabilizer according to package directions. Finish by idling the engine for 10 minutes to help the additive make its way throughout the system.


Your RV is almost ready to enjoy its winter hibernation! Last but not least, you’ll need to complete a few housekeeping tasks before storage time. Remove all personal items for safety and security. Finish critter-proofing your RV by removing all food items, even non-perishables. Use a handheld vacuum to get rid of dust, debris, food crumbs, and other remnants of your summer adventures that may have settled into nooks and crannies. Thoroughly clean all surfaces and cupboards with sanitizing cleaner. Unplug everything including the fridge and freezer, which should be cleaned, emptied, and then left open for the duration of long-term storage. Turn off circuit breakers, disconnect and remove propane tanks, block your tires to prevent movement, and done!

Open-air or Covered RV Storage

Choose from our open-air reserved RV spots or the popular covered RV parking area. The only one in Winnipeg.

Customize Your StorageVille Experience

We have one location on Reenders Drive and one on Waverley Street, so you can quickly drop off and pick up your vehicles no matter where you are in Winnipeg. All RV spots are reserved, and StorageVille customers enjoy convenient on-site access to their RV. Our gate access hours are seven days a week, available and open at 6:00 AM, closing at 11:00 PM.

StorageVille has everything you need for seasonal vehicle storage including designated parking areas for larger vehicles, and other small vehicles. So if you have other seasonal vehicles to store along with your RV, we have you covered. In addition to RVs, our customers also store trucks, boats, jet skis, personal watercraft, camp trailers, tent trailers, cargo trailers, food trucks, and carts, moving or transport vans, stockcars, Cessna and piston-powered aircraft, and motorcycles. You can even store RV camping accessories such as fishing equipment and more, in one of our rollup self-storage units.

And those smaller recreational items such as motorcycles and jet skis, to name a few can also be easily stored in one of our non-temperature controlled, drive-up storage lockers.

With reasonable and competitive rates, flexible month-to-month contracts, plus unmatched convenience and accessibility, why not store all your vehicles with us at StorageVille?

Not Just for the Winter

During the summer months, you can store your RV with StorageVille too! You’ll be avoiding costly parking tickets since the city has by-laws restricting trailer and RV parking on residential streets. Keep it in storage between camping trips and then conveniently come and pick it up at your StorageVille location when you and your RV are ready for another adventure! Accessing your RV is so simple, with a personalized passcode that guarantees easy access to your RV without sacrificing security. Pick up your RV on the way out of the city for your next camping or fishing trip! If you’re going South (perhaps to St. Malo) or East of the city (to the Whiteshell), our Reenders location is the one for you. If you’re taking your RV West (Riding Mountain area or North (to Grand Beach), either location may be the most convenient for you depending on where you live.

No matter your type of vehicle, there is a place for it in StorageVille.

Contact us now with more information to get a quote for storing your vehicle, and get the storage solution that you need in Winnipeg.

Don’t leave it too late, spaces fill up fast this time of year. Reserve now.

benefits of using rolltop self-storage indoor units

Rollup self-storage units are perfect storage solutions for some customers. 

Secure Storage

Self-storage units are individually alarmed and monitored, and you can access them anytime with a personalized passcode that opens the gate and then automatically re-arms when you leave. Every self-storage unit is monitored by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) approved monitoring station. ULC is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, with 90 years of experience in testing products for public safety. If ever needed, our monitoring system will alert security and Winnipeg police immediately.

Security is built into our premises as well. You will always feel safe while accessing your self-storage unit at StorageVille. The grounds are well lit, watchfully taken care of by 24-hour surveillance cameras, and enclosed by 6-foot fences. Self-storage units are designed with the best durable roll-up steel technology to secure your items. Customers can come and go as they please with no check-in between 6 am and 11 pm. Customer service is conveniently available Monday through Friday from 9 am until 6 pm, Saturdays from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm, as well as Sundays and Holidays from 11 am until 4 pm. We are here when you need to access your storage unit.


Convenience and ease of use are huge benefits of rolltop storage units! They are easy to access, lock, and utilize. As well, we have two convenient and centralized locations at 123 Rendeers Drive and 830 Waverley Street and both make it easy to access your unit. Storage units you can access and use on your own means you don’t have to wait for staff to open units for you. 

During Life’s Hiccups, Storage is Available

There is always change in life and we are here to make these times easier for you. One example is when selling your home you can simplify every stage of switching homes with the help of a StorageVille rolltop self-storage unit. Utilize storage to properly stage your home (with minimal furniture and personal belongings will help prospective buyers to envision their future life in your home). And between possession dates, you can keep all your belongings in storage for the day you get your keys. Another example is for students storing their belongings during the summer if they are working out of province for the summer break. Sorting through an estate but the property has been sold? Store all the belongings in a unit with us until the executor can sort out the will.

StorageVille can help you start fresh after a divorce, store things during a home renovation, provide a secure home for belongings during hospital stays or assisted living, store belongings while transitioning during the school year or provide storage for items that are subject to proceedings involved in estate planning. When your life changes, we are here for your storage needs. Rollup self-storage is very helpful for transitional situations and when you need a temporary, secure place for belongings.

Get the Unit Size for your Needs

Store RVs, camping equipment, extra vehicles, bikes, fishing equipment, seasonal sporting equipment, boats, tools, seasonal clothing, seasonal decorations, business supplies or equipment, and more! We have various sized units depending on your needs so you never have to pay for a unit too large for your needs. Talk to us about what you are storing and we’ll make suggestions for storage units that match your needs.

Temperature Controlled Storage for Treasured Personal Items or Hobbies

Some of your belongings may need storage in a place where the temperature is constant. Shifts in heat or cold may damage these items to the point where they cannot be fixed. StorageVille offers temperature-controlled, and longer-term self-storage units so that you can safely store items related to personal hobbies, personal items that need special care, or items for your business. Protect and store family photos, antiques and collectibles, art, wood furniture, musical instruments, personal documents, books, clothing, paints, cosmetics, tools, wedding planning items, cooking or baking equipment, and more!

StorageVille has the space you need when you need it! Come visit us today to set up an appointment!

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how to store photos slong term in storage units

Photos are your memories, and when you need to store them you should take the extra time to store them correctly to reduce the potential for damage, decay, or destruction. It is important to take extra time when putting photos into self-storage and to do it properly for long-term storage. Luckily, there are easy and simple ways to prevent potential damage so your photos and other printed media stay in the best possible condition and are enjoyed for generations to come when they come out of storage.

self storage old photos

Here are our top storage tips for photos:

1. Organize Your Photos

This first step is to organize your photos so they will be ready when you remove them from storage. This also makes the move-in process easier for your collection of photos. Sort your collection in a way that makes sense to you, whether it’s by type of photo, size, age, or memories. Going through this process will also eliminate the photos you no longer want to keep. With your collection organized, you can plan how you’re going to pack and store them.

Pro Tip: Use cotton gloves when handling photos so the oils from your fingers don’t get on the photos. Always handle the edges and avoid touching the front side of your photos.

2. Use Photo Specific Storage Supplies

Photos need to be treated like archival items. Supplies specific to photographs use acid-free plastics and won’t yellow your photographs and protect them for the long term.

  • Acid-free paper/tissue,
  • Sturdy boxes that close,
  • PVC-free plastic sleeves,
  • Picture frame boxes,
  • File folders and file boxes,
  • Envelopes,
  • Silica gel moisture absorber.

Those small silica gel packets absorb moisture in the air so Including them in your boxes of photos will go a long way to prevent damage from moisture over the long term.

packing photos for self-storage old photos on desk

3. Photo Packing Methods

What works best for your photo packing methods will depend on your storage needs and the types of photos you want to store.


Stacking is an easy way to organize and store large quantities of loose photos. Place a sheet of acid-free paper or tissue in between each and make sure the boxes are strong enough for the weight of the photos. Typically, avoid corrugated cardboard and go with a heavier, solid box.

Photo Albums

We all love photo albums, but some have a glaring flaw. If you have photos in “peel-and-stick” photo albums, remove them and look for alternatives. Peel and stick albums often use chemical adhesives that damage photos over time. Look for archival quality photo albums that are acid-free for the best long-term storage solution.

File Folders and Envelopes

Envelopes can help sort your photos and store them. And folders can further sort them for easy locating. Be sure to place acid-free paper or tissue between photos to help preserve them. File folder boxes can then hold all your photos and stack well in self-storage units. Look for plastic boxes with lids that hold file folders versus cardboard boxes. Dry storage methods that don’t let in air or moisture is best.

Picture Frame Boxes

Don’t remove photos from frames. Simply box them up to protect the glass and then put them in a larger box to protect your collection.

4. Get the Right Sized Storage

Choose the right-sized storage method when storing your photos, whether it’s an envelope, box, or photo album. Too large and there can be shifting and bending, too small and you might be overstuffing envelopes, boxes or photo albums. To prevent crushing, folding, and bending get storage boxes that fit all your photos comfortably to avoid damage.

5. Sturdy Storage

Photos are best kept flat, so only use folders, envelopes, and other packing materials that are firm and flat. Only use boxes with thick walls and lids that shut all the way and are made from acid-free materials. Look for airtight containers to keep out the air and look for ones that can stack well if you have a large collection

6. No Light

Photos exposed to light over extended periods of time will fade over time. Always look for opaque plastics for photo storage boxes (or solid cardboard boxes)when storing photos..

7. Keep Boxes off the Ground

Store your photos off the ground, perhaps on pallets, or on top of sturdy furniture or shelving. This prevents them from getting crushed or damaged by other boxes being piled on top of them and keeps out unwanted dust and moisture. This is a good tip for all boxes – boxes should never be placed directly on the floor of storage units.

8. Indoor Facilities

When it comes to photos, you don’t want them exposed to the bitter winter temperatures or the sweltering highs of a Winnipeg summer. High heat, extreme cold, humidity, and dust takes their toll on photos very quickly, which is why having a temperature-controlled storage unit heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer.

StorageVille has self-storage units near you in Winnipeg!

If you’re in the Winnipeg area and are looking for self-storage locations, outdoor storage for your RV, campers, or trailers, or any types of storage units near you, we at StorageVille can help!

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banner image Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille

Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleStorage units come in handy for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re moving, home staging, travelling for a longer time, downsizing, or simply require some extra space for the short term, a storage facility can be a great asset. And there are many options to choose from, but does the location matter? Do you really need that “storage unit near me?”

“Need” might be a strong word for some, but there are some major benefits to renting a storage unit near you. Here are the top reasons why you might want to rent storage near yourself.

When your storage unit is nearby your items are always easily accessible

Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleThink of the items you need to put into a storage unit. Are they the kinds of trinkets you can’t throw away, but also don’t need around the house? Then you can choose a storage unit even in a different city, and it will not inconvenience you.

The problem comes when we consider those items that you do need throughout the year, just not all the time. Instead of letting them take up space in your home, a nearby storage facility can solve your problem by getting the items out of your home but keeping them easily accessible to you. When you do need them, you don’t have to drive across Winnipeg to pick them up.

For instance, let’s say you have loads of big winter jackets you don’t need at your home all time. Since your closet can use a break, Winnipeg self-storage locations are ideal for quick drop-off and pick-up of these seasonal clothing items.

It’s a great option for your recreational items

Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleYou also might have some items that you don’t need at home at all, but you do need them for hobbies or seasonal activities. If you fish, like to go camping or have lots of sporting equipment, you potentially have a lot of items taking up space in your home that don’t contribute directly to your comfort or get daily use.

With a “storage unit near me”, that’s not a problem. Your items stay secure and accessible when you need them, and you don’t trip over them every time you look for something around the house. You can pick up your gear on the way out of the city for your next camping trip!

It’s an especially great move if your home is already filled with additional accessories like children’s toys, dedicated workspaces, or pet accoutrements. If you also don’t have a home with loads of generous space, such recreational equipment around your house can become a nuisance very fast.

You don’t need to worry about where to store extra vehicles

Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleIf you have a boat, camper, RV, ATV, or a collector’s vehicle, a local storage facility gives you a place to park it off your property, keep it safe and always accessible. There might be nothing worse than forgetting something at home when loading up for the weekend and your location outside the perimeter is miles and 45 minutes from home. You can save yourself a future headache or frustration of time lost by storing your extra vehicles at our locations and plan ahead.

Outdoor storage facilities are an excellent choice for this need. You likely only take out your boat a few times a year – the rest of the time it takes up space in your yard, garage, or driveway.

For even bigger vehicles like an RV, parking it in front of your home isn’t the most ideal solution, either. In some situations, where you park your RV on the street might be frowned upon or in violation of City of Winnipeg bylaws.

Why choose StorageVille?

Why rent a self-storage unit near me? - Self-Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleWe’re glad you asked! Here are the top ten reasons to choose StorageVille when renting a self-storage unit in Winnipeg!
  1. We offer self-storage units near you. Our two highly accessible and convenient locations on major Winnipeg roads – 830 Waverley Street and 123 Reenders Drive – means you don’t need to drive out to the perimeter, or further, to access your storage unit
  2. Temperature-controlled storage which is highly recommended if you need to store items that you would normally keep inside your house.
  3. Gate access hours that are very convenient. They allow you to access your items from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year. As well, if needed, extended hours can be accommodated – just talk to our team first.
  4. Clean and secure storage facilities, as we take pride in our business and we want you to have peace-of-mind that your belongings are safe while in self-storage.
  5. Our staff are not only friendly – they are experts in storage solutions and can recommend helpful tips when it comes to decluttering, moving, packing, etc. We’ve even written a mini-series about how storage units can help with all of life’s events.
  6. Our self-storage units can be rented for any length of time – from a single month to many years. Best of all your length of stay is month to month and is flexible and you choose how long you need the unit.
  7. Free 16-foot-long enclosed cube van offer for your move in… and 50% off cube van rentals when you decide to vacate.
  8. Our self-storage has a wide range of applications from personal use to a variety of businesses, like tradespeople, sales teams, office managers, etc., students, and of course, outdoor storage.
  9. We have moving supplies and we can also rent you moving equipment at each of our locations.
  10. We care about our customers and, often, but not always, individuals can require self-storage during a time of need or due to a life event. We are here to help and sometimes even though, what we do is “storage” it can feel like a burden has been lifted – especially, if you’re in a tight situation.

So, to recap – you can get self-storage near you, with all these added benefits and additional assistance – bundled at a rate as competitive as the other guys… so what are you waiting for?!

StorageVille has self-storage units near you in Winnipeg!

If you’re in the Winnipeg area and are looking for self-storage locations, outdoor storage for your RV, campers, or trailers, or any types of storage units near you, we at StorageVille can help!

Request a quote online today to get started, and let’s see what type of storage unit best suits your needs.