Storage security is our #1 priority

Here at StorageVille, the safety and the security of your items in storage remain our top priority. As a part of our security program, our facility is always well lit and the grounds have 24 hour surveillance video cameras installed.

We take security very seriously. Our entire StorageVille facility complex is surrounded by 6-foot high perimeter fencing, which is part of our crime prevention program.

Our StorageVille site uses all of the best features in the self-storage industry. Our facility is clean, convenient, safe and accessible. Our buildings are constructed with the latest in durable steel technology and design, creating a safe place for any items you store with us.

Storage security on an individual basis

Each and every one of our units is individually alarmed and monitored by an Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) approved monitoring station. ULC is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, with 90 years of experience in testing products for public safety. This is very important because our system will alert security and the police right away if anything were to happen to your container or to any of your belongings.

You choose your own passcode. Your individual code opens the gate and rearms your unit when you leave, protecting your valuable belongings and ensuring their safe keeping.

Our two locations are conveniently and centrally located in south Winnipeg. Visit us at 830 Waverley Street or at our second and newest location at 123 Reenders Drive.

StorageVille is your accessible, one-stop-shop for Winnipeg self-storage, however, we make every attempt to have a secure facility. We offer you a secure place to store your household items, business supplies, your RV, boats and other outdoor toys.

Go ahead and take a look around our website. Or stop by and check out our clean, convenient, safe and accessible Winnipeg self storage facilities.

Safe and Secure: StorageVille is Winnipeg’s self storage, space saving solution. Because sometimes, you just need more room!

Storage Security Tips

Security within a facility is a subtle but an important measure to protect customers and their possessions. Not all storage facilities are created equal when it comes to the design of the security program. Here are some things to consider when shopping for storage:

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Entire perimeter should be protected by high security fencing. Solid fencing allows thieves to avoid detection from the police and creates hiding spaces at night. Fencing that provides clear site lines into the facility is preferable.
Video cameras provide one of the best deterrents to criminal activity and also provides a visual record of who is coming and going. Check out if the facility uses cameras and the way they are positioned. Are the cameras fixed or can they pan the entire facility? Cameras should cover the gate area to detect unauthorized vehicles.
Private key code pads allow you to enter and exit and also track who is coming and going through computer generated reports. Entrance should have at least one dedicated lane for entry and one for exiting to avoid congestion and potential accidents.
Ask if the facility has a crime prevention program and if they are a member of any of the local crime prevention groups endorsed by the police.
The last level of protection is the type of lock that is used to secure your storage locker. Most thieves will not spend more than a couple of minutes trying to break in. So the type of lock used is very important. Pad locks are rated based on the length of time that they can withstand an assault. A Class 1 lock will withstand 1 minute, while a Class 5 will last 5 minutes. No lock can withstand the shackle being cut by bolt cutters. The ideal lock for storage units is a disc lock, designed to hinder the ability for the shackle to be cut.
Older facilities and even some new ones do not offer individual door alarms. These should be high on the priority list for choosing your storage facility. Individual door alarms should be monitored so that in the event of a break-in security is called. If not, that gives thieves a lot more time until someone reports the break-in, which may not be until the next day.
The first thing thieves look for are out of the way facilities, areas of low traffic and dim lighting. Drop by the storage facility at night and see for yourself.
A dog may be nothing more than a simple low cost measure to create the illusion of security and may be the only means of protecting the premise. Guard dogs may deter thieves; however, thieves have ways of removing the threat that any dog may pose. Consider your personal safety in the instance where the dog happens to be out in error one night or early morning when you or your family are on site.