Storage Auctions

This trend of treasure-hunting has spread like a wildfire, and opportunity has landed right at our feet in Winnipeg. You too can be a part of this exciting new form of treasure hunting, where you never quite know what you’re going to get.

Old-School Storage Unit Auctions

In the past, we would host storage auctions at our locations - and while we enjoyed our time - the events were at the mercy of Winnipeg's weather and because of the volume of lockers needed to host a successful auction; any locker in the auction could have been months old.

New-School Storage Auctions

Fast forward to 2017 - we still have storage locker auctions - but we've moved the process online! From the comfort of your own home, you can participate in our Auctions. To get started - simply complete the form which will add you to our emailing list. The emailing list will send you alerts for future auctions. Get ready to have some fun!

A Blast From the Past

Check out this video showing how we used to conduct our storage unit auctions and see all the old-school action!

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Once you are signed up for our Storage Unit Auction Alerts you will get your chance to find unique antiques, collector’s items, and general household goods that make a quick resale. Maybe you haven't participated in a storage unit auction before or perhaps you frequent auctions all the time - one thing is for sure - StorageVilles Auction Alerts the place to come for that unique item.

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