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Benefits of Self-Storage During Selling, Moving, and Renovating

At StorageVille we make it our mission to be there for Winnipeggers when they need a storage unit.  There are many life situations for which you may find yourself in need of reliable self-storage.  In this three-part series, we will look at uses for self-storage during three different life events. In the coming months, we will examine ways Self-storage solutions can help make your home office or business better. We will follow with how self-storage can assist during life’s unexpected events.

For this month we will take a look at the benefits of self-storage while you are selling, moving, and renovating your home. Situations like these can be a large undertaking since they come with a lot of moving parts. Our suggestions below will have you ready to take the next steps, no matter what challenge you are facing.

Storage Unit Benefits While Selling Your Home

Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Self Storage for Selling - Winnipeg Self Storage for Moving - Winnipeg Self Storage for Renovating - StorageVille, Winnipeg, ManitobaYou’ve decided to list your home on the market and have gone through the process of finding a suitable realtor you’d like to handle the sale for you. They come to your home to analyze and prepare the listing information. While they are reviewing the property, they mention the clutter in your space. They even go as far as to suggest enlisting the services of a home staging company; but where are all your prized possessions going?

The Impact of a Cluttered Home

When someone points out the clutter in your home can be a difficult pill to swallow but the professionals are correct, and they have sales data to back up their claims!  The fact is that cluttered homes can sell for less value. It’s important to know there is a difference between a home’s appraisal value versus the marketability, which is what a cluttered home could impact.

To make sure you receive the maximum return on your home during its sale, tuck away infrequently used items into a storage unit. Renting a storage unit from us during the sales process will be a fraction of the cost when compared to the lost equity due to the sale of a cluttered home.

Along with retaining the money you’ve invested into your home, using a self-storage unit can benefit the sales process in the following ways:

  • Having less clutter usually means your home will be easier to clean in between showings.
  • Applying a fresh coat of paint (and other minor repairs) will be less strenuous with less to move.
  • With self-storage, you won’t need to rely on your outdoor shed or garage, which will be subject to weather. Instead, use our temperature-controlled storage units. As well, security on external buildings found on your property won’t match the features our secure self-storage facilities offer.
  • Garages often have the worst clutter in your home. To some buyers that conveys a negative impression on your home. They also can’t envision their belongings in an overly cluttered area.  Get the clutter out of the way by using self-storage!
  • For your convenience, you can arrange your storage unit and provide a vacating notice once your home is sold from the comfort of your own home, 24/7 through our website.

Don’t forget to book our 16-foot enclosed cube van that is available FREE for up to 4 hours to make your move-in easier.

Self-Storage Unit Benefits for Moving

Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Self Storage for Selling - Winnipeg Self Storage for Moving - Winnipeg Self Storage for Renovating - StorageVille, Winnipeg, ManitobaMoving comes with its own set of logistics and if not properly planned for can transform into a nightmare.  If you’ve already stored personal belongings in a self-storage unit to declutter while selling your home, why not leave them there while you finish relocating to your new home? Your home will remain uncluttered while you pack the rest of your belongings.

Also, why not take full advantage of our FREE cube vans which are available for up to four hours? The cube van is perfect for the transit of stored items.  We can become your one-stop-shop for all things required for a successful transition between homes. We have moving supplies and moving boxes as well. If you need the cube van to move out, be sure to ask about the 50% discount!

Self-Storage Unit Benefits when Renovating

Self Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Self Storage for Selling - Winnipeg Self Storage for Moving - Winnipeg Self Storage for Renovating - StorageVille, Winnipeg, ManitobaFor most, a renovation is an investment in their single most valuable asset. You want it done right, on time, and within budget. Just like other items mentioned, any renovation project needs planning and calculation of resources available while your home is under construction.  Less clutter means fewer chances of job sie injury and more room for contracting professionals to move around.  Self-storage is going to be your best bet for combating these issues.

As the realtor, the home renovation specialist you hire is a professional in their industry. If the space you’re renovating is excessively cluttered, you will only slow them down and then your project may end up being more expensive than you thought.  Plus, clutter only increases the chances of injury on the job site

In addition to accidents resulting in injury, the more valuables you have cluttering the space – the more likely something can be damaged or broken. Don’t risk your possessions. Store them in our clean and secure, temperature-controlled self-storage units during your project.

We Are Here to Help!

We are here to solve your storage needs! Our goal is to make your life easier,  even in times that can appear stressful. When you contact us for self-storage, know you are contacting Winnipeg’s leading storage facilities. Besides our value propositions of accessible, convenient, clean, and secure storage units, our team is friendly and invested in your best interests.

Even if you don’t need storage now but think you might in the future, give us a call and drop by for a tour.

Many of the others in the storage unit business are from out of town. We are locally owned; committed to Winnipeg. We have a vested interest in being Winnipeg’s top choice for self-storage units.

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