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Self-storage facility goes green(er) with solar panels

Self-storage facility goes green(er) with solar panels - Winnipeg Storage - Self Storage Winnipeg - StorageVille Winnipeg, ManitobaIt shouldn’t come as any surprise, but the self-storage facility this article is about is us, StorageVille! While we know many in Winnipeg select us as their self-storage of choice. We continually look to improve our service offering, one of the ways we found was to look for opportunities to reduce our environmental impact and footprint, all the while supporting local businesses. With these being the primary reasons, for selecting a renewal energy source like solar panels – it’s easy to see the benefits. Being a locally based business in Winnipeg, we strongly believe in supporting the local economy. And while we strongly believe in consuming less energy – it doesn’t hurt we save on energy costs too!

Going green with solar panels: where did we start?

In case you’re interested in our new strategy for energy consumption, our process for achieving this milestone or other details about this, please read on. The process began by deciding to participate in a Manitoba Hydro Solar Energy Pilot Program. We began by completing the questionnaire and sending our application in during 2018. Upon acceptance, we worked with a local vendor based in Winnipeg to have our solar panels ordered. Part of the solution was to fasten the panels to the rooftops of our self-storage buildings and utilize the thousands of square feet of rooftops that we have.

However, gaining energy from solar technology is not a new concept for us. We have been committed to solar technology long before the Manitoba Hydro program was announced in 2017. We installed a system powered by solar technology to provide uninterrupted power to the computer systems in the event of an electricity outage. Clearly, our commitment to energy conservation has been top of mind for many years.

Both our Winnipeg storage unit locations are solar enabled

If you’ve visited both of our storage unit facilities recently, you might’ve noticed the solar panels at 830 Waverley Street in Winnipeg’s southwest or 123 Reenders Drive in Winnipeg’s northeast. We’re excited that both projects are complete, and each location is solar enabled!

Supporting StorageVille’s solar choice – from Shindico

Shindico is looking forward to the solar power installations at StorageVille, our self storage facilities in Winnipeg, as these projects represent our pilot program in exploring other installations in a number of our retail and multi-family properties. These projects not only fall in line with energy conservation and savings but go along way in off setting other significant expenses such as the ever-increasing City of Winnipeg property taxes we face annually.

Sandy Shindleman
President and CEO of Shindico

As part of our business case, our ownership group, Shindico, was presented with the solar panel opportunity. As a market leader in commercial real estate and investment management in Canada, Shindico jumped at the opportunity to participate. The well-being of Winnipeggers, Manitobans while simultaneously reducing our environmental impact for future generations to come and looking for methods to help others succeed through innovation, is a mandate both organizations look to achieve.

Self-storage facility solar panel initiative – by the numbers

With any business endeavour, the metrics and outcomes are key. Here is what we look to achieve by participating in the solar panel pilot program from the estimated figures based on calculations during the feasibility report:

  • When the installation of the solar panels is complete, StorageVille will reduce their energy consumption from Manitoba Hydro by 56%;
  • To give a sense of the size of our project, we selected to use 370-watt solar panels and we deployed 184 panels between the two Winnipeg StorageVille locations;
  • Each location’s 68.0kW output is designed to power the HVAC systems, including the air conditioning, in the main buildings and temperature-controlled self-storage buildings at each location;
  • The power generated from the solar panels at both self-storage facility locations will reach a level of 150,884kW of energy annually. That is the same as powering approximately fourteen single-family homes for a year (estimated consumption rate of 900kWh per household per month);
  • The expected lifetime production of all the solar panels is approximately two million kilowatt-hours.

Other benefits to powering our self-storage facility with solar energy

Besides the economic benefits to the province created when switching to a solar energy strategy and the environmental impact – what else is gained?

  • Reducing the negative environmental impact that is caused when Manitoba Hydro needs to build a new dam, including minimizing manufacturing costs and the mistreatment to the ecosystem;
  • Having more energy available for Manitoba Hydro to export as a resource for the province;
  • Creation of a new industry and business class that previously did not exist on this scale.

For us, the decision was easy to get on board with Manitoba Hydro’s Program when launched. As a proud, Winnipeg-based company, we believe in what our city and province have to offer – and appreciate the support we receive from Winnipeggers in return!