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Ways to Reduce Stress When Moving

While moving into a new home is far from fun, StorageVille has you covered with some helpful tips that will have you ready to move in no time!  Here are 8 ways to reduce stress while moving house in Winnipeg:

1) Decide on either moving company or do-it-yourself

If you choose a moving company make sure you do your research first and pick a reputable company, and make sure you have replacement insurance either your own or through the mover. If you decide not to use a moving company you'll want to avail yourself of u-haul style cube vans from StorageVille to help you haul your belongings across Winnipeg. If you're looking to use our cube van during your move, be sure to book the cube van in advance!

2) Downsize your material possessions

  • Keep only the amount of items that you NEED!
  • If items are in worn, outdated, in bad shape, or you just plain hate them REPLACE them if you can.
  • Give yourself a no-guilt free-pass to toss broken belongings or items with missing pieces.
  • Keep only the small furniture pieces that you LOVE or that you will REPURPOSE.
  • Be sure the large furniture you own has a place in your new space. If not, SELL it.
  • Keep only decor that you LOVE.
  • Not sure if you want to to toss a particular item? StorageVille has accessible, clean, convenient, and secure self-storage options at two locations in Winnipeg.

3) Start Early

Simply put don't wait until the last minute to start packing. Begin early and pack up the things you don't need.  Whether you are moving within the city of Winnipeg or out of province, giving yourself enough time will go a long way in reducing overall stress.

4) Label your boxes

Be sure to label fragile boxes FRAGILE. Keep all like items from each room together, this will go a long way in keeping things organized and make unpacking quicker.  Need moving supplies such as boxes, tools, and more?  StorageVille has all of those things at your disposal and can help your efforts as a one-stop shop so that your move is more cost-effective and efficient for YOU.

5) Separate out a box of necessities

Necessities such as: toilet paper, soap, light bulbs, garbage bags, sheets, towels... and anything else you think you will immediately need.

6) Organize your utilities

Nothing is worse than unpacking in the cold and dark so be sure to contact the gas, electric, phone, water and cable companies before you move so they are ready and waiting for you.  Cold Winnipeg winters are not to be trifled with!

7) Painting and other repairs

It's a lot easier painting an empty room or to repair flooring. So plan on doing any type of repairs, if needed, prior to move-in date.  Need to store your belongings while you spruce up your new place? StorageVille has temperature controlled and secure self-storage units of all shapes and sizes.  If you're in the Winnipeg area, give us a call and we'll help you get started.

8) Re-Key

You never know how many keys are floating around out there. It's a wise idea to do just before move in.  Rekeying your new house is as easy as finding a reputable locksmith in the Winnipeg area and giving them a call.