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5 Helpful Winter Storage for RV Life Hacks

As camping season comes to a close, how do you go about safe and easy winter storage for RV until it is time again for summer fun? If you put some work into preparing your RV for winter storage, it’ll be that much easier to get on the road in the spring. Follow these tips to get your second home ready for its winter nap.

Remove the Water from your Pipes

When subjected to cooler temperatures, water freezes and expands. Water left in the pipes over the winter will crack and lead to costly damage to your RV. Therefore, it is crucial to drain the water from all plumbing, pipes, fittings, lines, tanks, water heaters, windshield wiper systems, radiators, or anything else that has water in it. Drain the fresh water and waste tanks, and don’t forget to open all faucets to drain the water completely from the system. The next step is to pump nontoxic RV antifreeze into your plumbing system, including all tanks, lines, and drains.

Your RV owner’s manual should instruct you on exactly how to complete this process easily and properly, but if it feels a bit too intimidating, you can always contact an RV store or service center, and they will offer this service to you for a fee.

Seal the Deal

The name of the game is to make sure that your RV is sealed properly during its winter storage to prevent water leaks or visits from unwelcome critters. Closely examine the roof, slide-outs, doors, windows, seams, access panels, and hinges. Look out for new holes, cracks, or just points of entry where things may improperly seal due to dirt and grime. This is the time to re-caulk, repair, or clean for proper sealing during storage. Don’t forget to lubricate locks and hinges if needed. Also remember that rodents can easily crawl up cords and cables, chew through plastic, and squeeze into tiny holes, so leave no stone unturned!

Before resealing anything on your own, read your RV user’s manual or consult with your RV dealer to be sure you have the correct product. The wrong sealant might not set properly, or it may damage finishes. If you choose to cover your RV, avoid using a plastic one, as it could damage the finish or trap moisture. A zippered cover allows for easy access during long-term winter storage for RV, if needed.

Remove the Batteries

Winter and batteries are not friends! Batteries tend to get damaged by freezing temperatures, particularly RV batteries, which are lead-acid batteries that do not seal. Also, an unconnected battery will slowly discharge, which will weaken the cells through a process called sulfation, thus decreasing the life of the battery. Therefore, it is best to remove your batteries and store them separately from the RV in a cool, dry place or on a charger. To remove the batteries, turn off all the breaker switches and disconnect the negative terminal first to avoid shorting. During the winter storage for RV season, use a voltmeter, hydrometer, or multimeter to check the charge of your battery. Do not let the charge go below 80%, or you may find yourself with a damaged battery.

Stabilize the Fuel

Did you know that gasoline can oxidize over time and damage your engine? Prevent your gas from degrading by adding a fuel stabilizer before you bring your RV into storage. To properly stabilize your fuel, fill the tank completely and then add the fuel stabilizer according to the package directions. Finish by idling the engine for 10 minutes to help the additive make its way throughout the system.


Your RV is almost ready to enjoy its winter hibernation! Last but not least, you’ll need to complete a few housekeeping tasks before winter storage for RV. Remove all personal items for safety and security. Finish critter-proofing your RV by removing all food items, even non-perishables. Use a handheld vacuum to get rid of dust, debris, food crumbs, and other remnants of your summer adventures that may have settled into nooks and crannies. Thoroughly clean all surfaces and cupboards with a sanitizing cleaner. Unplug everything, including the fridge and freezer, which should be cleaned, emptied, and then left open for the duration of long-term storage. Turn off circuit breakers, disconnect and remove propane tanks, block your tires to prevent movement, and you’re done!

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Not Just the Winter Storage for RV

During the summer months, you can store your RV with StorageVille too! You’ll be avoiding costly parking tickets since the city has by-laws restricting trailer and RV parking on residential streets. Keep it in storage between camping trips, and then conveniently come and pick it up at your StorageVille location when you and your RV are ready for another adventure! Accessing your RV is so simple, with a personalized passcode that guarantees easy access to your RV without sacrificing security. Pick up your RV on the way out of the city for your next camping or fishing trip! If you’re going South (perhaps to St. Malo) or East of the city (to the Whiteshell), our Reenders location is the one for you. If you’re taking your RV West (Riding Mountain area or North (to Grand Beach), either location may be the most convenient for you depending on where you live.

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