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When (and why) you should use temperature controlled storage units

Temperature controlled storage units for cold temperatures - Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Self Storage - StorageVilleIf you’re thinking about investing in a storage unit from StorageVille, you may be wondering if you should choose a temperature-controlled storage unit or a more traditional storage unit. Some items will be just fine to store in non-temperature-controlled storage units.  Since a non-temperature-controlled unit is usually less expensive, many people automatically choose a unit without temperature control.

What are the benefits of temperature controlled storage units?

Air conditioning in the summer; heating in the winter. If you choose to rent a temperature-controlled storage unit, you will enjoy many benefits.

  • Protection from extreme temperatures

    This is important in areas where you get extremely hot summers and cold winters. In Winnipeg, for example, summer temperatures can skyrocket to 30+ degrees Celsius. In the winter, the weather brings windy, -20C weather.

  • Better air quality

    Since the temperature is controlled within the self-contained building, the air quality is better as opposed to the non-temperature-controlled units, which are similar to storing in a garage with an overhead door exposed to the outside.

    However, that’s not to say non-temperature-controlled items don’t have their place. Generally, anything you might have to store, such as bikes, tires, BBQ’s, or other garage or shed items, is best suited for this type of storage unit.

  • Less exposure to dust and debris

    Filtration systems are available for temperature-controlled units.  You don’t have to worry about your valuables being exposed to dust, dirt, and other debris.

  • Humidity control

    For valuable collections such as records, CDs, furniture, and other heirlooms such as photographs from the past, humidity control is critical. Variations in humidity can lead to cracking and damage to valuable items. While we don’t claim to control the humidity, controlling the temperature will help the humidity levels in the storage unit. Air-conditioned storage buildings, by their very nature, do draw out significant amounts of humidity.

  • Better security

    Just like our non-temperature-controlled units, the temperature-controlled storage units are all alarming and monitored, and the entrance doors are passcode-protected.

What items should I store in a temperature-controlled storage unit?Temperature controlled storage units for household belongings - Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Self Storage - StorageVille

As a general rule, if it is coming from the interior of your home, it is best if it is stored in a temperature-controlled storage unit. This type of storage unit will offer better storage performance for all items. However, there are a few kinds of items that benefit, particularly from being in a heat and humidity-controlled environment.

Here is what we recommend for you to store in a temperature-controlled storage unit.

  • Valuable furniture

    Wood and leather furniture are vulnerable to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Storing these items in non-temperature-controlled storage units can lead to cracking, staining, and damage.

  • Heirlooms and special collections

    We highly recommend that any collection with special value or heirlooms you may have be stored in a temperature-controlled storage unit.

  • Electronics and appliances

    Electronics like game consoles, televisions, computers, and stereo equipment can be damaged by condensation, high heat, or freezing cold should be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. The same is true of larger appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, ranges, etc.

  • Musical instruments

    From brass to strings, woodwinds, or percussion instruments, every type of musical instrument benefits from temperature-controlled storage. This reduces the risk of corrosion, wood splitting, or warping.

  • Books, comics, and magazines

    Valuable book, comic, or magazine collections should be stored in a temperature-controlled unit. This is particularly true for first editions or volumes with leather backing, as leather can split and be damaged by changes in moisture. All types of paper are also more likely to be attacked by mildew in a non-temperature-controlled environment.

  • Valuable documents

    Storage units are great for older business with large volumes of paper documents or individuals with personal documents. These should be kept in a temperature-controlled unit to ensure they remain intact and unaffected by mildew and warping.

  • Clothing

    Clothes made of wool, cotton, and other natural fabrics can be attacked by mildew and damaged by fluctuating temperatures. Valuable clothing or clothing with sentimental value should be stored in a temperature-controlled storage unit.

There are some items that you don’t necessarily need to store in a temperature-controlled storage unit. But if you are planning to store any of your belongings for more than a few months, a temperature-controlled storage unit will offer better results than any traditional, non-controlled storage option, no matter what you store or for what length of time.

In the winter, you can visit your locker, sort through your belongings, and retrieve items in the comfort of a heated environment. And in summer, air-conditioned comfort.

At StorageVille we believe temperature-controlled storage units are worth the investment

Despite the fact that they cost more than a non-controlled unit, temperature-controlled storage units are worth paying a bit extra for, especially if you live in an area prone to temperature fluctuations.

Knowing your most valuable items are safe, secure, and stored at an optimal temperature will give you peace of mind. Interested in temperature-controlled storage units in Winnipeg? Visit either StorageVille location today to learn more about size options, availability, and pricing!