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Our top five storage units and self-storage articles

At StorageVille, we believe in helping our customers – that is what we’re in the business of. Over the years, we’ve published many useful and fascinating articles about self-storage or storage unit uses. For this month, instead of creating a new article – we thought we’d look back at some of our most popular articles of the past. Below, you’ll find our top five most viewed articles about self-storage. Thank you for reading and we’ll be back next month with more new and great content!

There’s more to renting storage than storage unit pricing - Winnipeg Storage - Self-Storage Winnipeg - StorageVilleThere’s more to renting storage than storage unit pricing

As Winnipeggers ourselves, we love a great deal! However, while a low price seems favorable to the storage unit rentee – make sure you know what you’re paying for – and what might not be included. At StorageVille, we feel we have more to offer our customers than simply a great price (even though we have that too!) If you’re renting self-storage from anywhere, make sure you are aware of all things the fee may or may not cover – before you buy! If you are unsure, read through our article and learn about the different ways we structure our fees versus other self-storage providers.

Use Shelving, plastic bins or sheets - Our Tips to Protect Your Belongings in a Storage Unit - Winnipeg Storage Units - Temperature Controlled Storage Units - StorageVilleOur tips to protect your belongings in a storage unit

Did you know there are ways you can protect your belongings beyond the security of your self-storage facility? In this article, we cover the security side to storage units, but also take it a step further. Read on to learn about insurance for your stored belongings, why you might want to invest in a temperature-controlled storage unit, ways to pack your belongings to protect them from potential damage, and more!

Storage Unit benefits for executors and estate planning responsibilities - Executors Winnipeg - Executor Duties and Grant of Probate - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleStorage unit benefits for executors and estate planning responsibilities

As part of our team’s mandate – we are there for our customers in the good times and the bad. If you’re an executor of a will or have inherited estate planning responsibilities, did you know that you can use self-storage to your advantage during these difficult times? While we aren’t legal advisors – nor are we dispensing any legal advice and in all situations we recommend you talk to the proper authorities – it can sometimes be nice just to read what others in similar situations have gone through. No matter the situation, you can depend on our friendly team to greet you with a smile, each time you come through the door!

Storage unit benefits during a divorce - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleStorage unit benefits during a divorce or separation

Similarly to the above article, if you’ve encountered a divorce or separation situation in your life, it can be nice knowing you have someone to help. Our self-storage options are perfect for short or long term leases and our plans are pay-as-you-go month-to-month. We even can help with added benefits like cube van rentals and other moving accessories. A storage unit can be the perfect neutral site to sort through your divorce or separation and allows you to draw a clean line, giving you the opportunity for a new start.

Why is it called self-storage and what does it mean? - Winnipeg Self-Storage - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleWhy is it called self-storage and what does it mean?

We’ve mentioned it over and over – in past articles and as well, in this summary of our top 5 self-storage articles… but what the heck is self-storage? Why is it called self-storage? We’ll take you through the definition, benefits, how a storage unit can help with your belongings, the different types of self-storage available, and how you might go about selecting the right storage unit type and size for your self-storage needs. If you have questions about storage – read this article first – and then give us a call!

We hope you’ve found this recap interesting – and if we’ve helped you, even better! If you’re looking for a storage unit for self-storage purposes, we encourage you to call us, request a quote, contact us to book an appointment to visit and receive the assistance you need. Our friendly teams are available and ready to help you at both our prominent Winnipeg locations – 123 Reenders Drive and 830 Waverley Street!