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Storage unit benefits for family planning - Family Planning Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleIncluding a storage unit in when family planning might sound silly now, but that will change very quickly. Babies need a surprising amount of stuff – different seats for different scenarios and stages, a car seat, stroller, changing station, clothing, toys, the list goes on! Whether you’re welcoming a new child into the world for the first time or clearing out stuff as your kids grow, there are lots of different reasons why you may need a storage unit.

Let’s look at the benefits of getting a storage unit for your extra stuff while family planning!

Storage units for family planning: clearing space for your baby’s stuff before they’re born

From highchairs to cribs, boxes of toys, potty-training equipment, strollers… you get the picture. A new child needs a lot of stuff as they grow, and all of this stuff has to go somewhere! If you live in a smaller home or apartment and are not yet ready to move into a larger home, this can be very troublesome.

However, with a storage unit from StorageVille, you can clear out space for your baby’s stuff before they’re born – and make sure they have a space of their own.

Storage units for family planning: store fragile, delicate or non-child-safe furniture

If you have some fragile or delicate furniture, such as glass display cases and heirloom furniture, or other non-child-safe furniture that you would like to keep – but can’t keep in the house while baby is learning to get around on their own – a storage unit is a perfect option. Climate-controlled storage units are the ideal environment for preserving your furniture.

Storage unit benefits for family planning - Family Planning Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleStorage units for family planning: Store belongings that may be dangerous to babies and toddlers

Your storage unit is a great place to store things like hunting, fishing or other sports equipment, collectibles, camping gear, and heirlooms that are breakable or may be dangerous to babies and toddlers. Later in life, when your child is older and less likely to accidentally stumble across this stuff, you can bring it back into your home.

Storage units for family planning: Make room for guests to stay and visit your family

Whether you have a newborn and you’ve got friends and family visiting to help you with their care, or you’ve got older kids and you are inviting family over for holidays, birthdays and other events, a storage unit can help you clear up space you need for guests to stay at your home.

Storage units for family planning: Store clothing, toys & more that may be kept for future kids

If you’ve just had your first child and you’re planning on having another kid – or even if you’re just not sure – it’s a good idea to keep your first kid’s old clothes, strollers, toys and other stuff they’ve outgrown. That way, if you have another kid, the hand-me-downs will decrease your costs by quite a bit!

Storage unit benefits for family planning - Family Planning Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - Storage Units Winnipeg - StorageVilleMany people often hold onto their firstborns clothing for sentimental reasons, and to pass down to your child if they have children of their own someday.

Keep sentimental objects in a safe, secure, temperature-controlled environment

As your child grows, you may find yourself with a lot of sentimental objects like their first shoes, photo books and albums, and other such things. A storage unit is a better place for these things than an attic or basement – it’s secure, safe from things like flooding and leaking, and has a temperature-controlled environment that will keep your stuff safe.

Get a storage unit today – and benefit from simplified family planning!

At StorageVille, we offer high-quality, temperature-controlled storage units for our customers. A storage unit for your family helps free up space in your home, store your valuables, and helps you take control of your stuff. So, don’t wait. Contact StorageVille today to learn more and start renting a storage unit in Winnipeg – and ask about our free cube van rental.

Storage unit benefits during a divorce - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille

Storage unit benefits during a divorce - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleOver the last year, approximately 38 percent of all marriages in Canada ended in divorce. A more in-depth study conducted by the Canadian government concluded that the median duration of marriages at the time of divorce was around 11 years. That equates to 11 years’ worth of clothes, books, movies, knick-knacks, couches, tables, chairs, televisions, appliances, and more. So, what happens to all that stuff during a divorce? Renting a storage unit benefits you during a divorce.

Going through a divorce can be an incredibly challenging life event but managing and storing your possessions should not be. Renting a storage unit can be an excellent option for a person that is going through a divorce. Storage units can give them a place for their possessions in between. It can make an overwhelming situation infinitely more manageable. Here’s why:

Storage units during a divorce allow you to draw a clean line

Renting a storage space can help you draw a clear line between your possessions and your ex-spouse’s possessions. There will be some things that are indisputably yours and can be immediately moved to your storage unit.

If you are dividing any belongings, a personal storage unit can also provide a place to prevent confusion. It can give you a space that is neutral to gather all your items.

Storage unit rentals increase safety and sense of security

The end of a relationship will undoubtedly be difficult, in many ways. If you are worried that your possessions may be at risk of being stolen, vandalized, sold, or misplaced, then having a secured location is critical. A rental storage unit can provide that, and in turn, give you the peace of mind that your possessions are safe.

Let’s you start anew with a storage unit during divorce

Storage unit benefits during a divorce - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleMaterial possessions can be a reflection of past times and memories. If you are going through a divorce, it is likely that you are turning over a new leaf and entering a new chapter in your life. You want to be moving forward, not backward.

Keeping your possessions in a storage unit can help you look toward the future. It will help you visualize what you have, and how it can fit into your next space. It will prevent you from going back to the space that you and your spouse shared.

A rental storage unit can provide a fresh springboard for the next chapter of your life, instead of forcing you to keep returning to the last chapter.

What storage unit options are best to help with your divorce?

There are so many ways that you can customize your rental storage unit experience. You have all the power and autonomy to make this decision for the next chapter of your life. Of course, we understand that everyone’s situation is different, and because of that, we have a wide array of options so we can provide the best service on an individual basis.

Size of the storage unit

First, you get to choose what size you’ll need. StorageVille offers a range of sizes, starting at 5×5 and 5×10, and going all the way up to 10×30. No matter the amount of stuff you need to store, for any length, short or long-term – we’ll have the solution.

Multiple convenient locations

There are also multiple locations across Winnipeg so you can find which is nearest to you. It’s easy to access your belongings from anywhere in Winnipeg. Our gate access hours are 6:00 am to 11:00 pm – and special arrangements if you require further access outside of these hours.

Temperature-controlled storage units

The StorageVille facility is temperature-controlled, so you won’t have to worry about anything being damaged. It is clean, secure, and comfortable to access, making it a prime option.

Secure storage units, only accessed by you

As previously stated in this article, divorce can be messy. You may want to move some of the most valued possessions from your shared property while things are processed. We have 24-hours surveillance video cameras, fully fenced perimeter, and personal passcodes for each storage unit. Every locker is individually alarmed and centrally monitored with a uniformed guard response.

Storage unit benefits during a divorce - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleFriendly team

Our team is dedicated to the utmost customer service. We’re a group of compassionate, caring humans. Looking beyond storage unit rentals is how we view and operate our business. We’re in the business of helping you get through all of life’s changes, as easy and stress-free as possible.

Start your next chapter after divorce with a storage unit

A rental storage unit can give you the chance to start fresh and take your possessions safely into the next chapter of your life. If you need a storage unit in short order for any length of tenancy, visit our website and book online through our Request a Quote form or call us at your preferred location – 204.272.4687 for 123 Reenders Drive in North and East Winnipeg or 204.272.4533 for 830 Waverley Street for South and West Winnipeg.

Storage unit benefits for seasonal storage needs - Seasonal Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - Storage Unit Winnipeg - StorageVille

Storage unit benefits for seasonal storage needs - Seasonal Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - Storage Unit Winnipeg - StorageVilleWe know why you’re here. You’ve decided to rent a storage unit from StorageVille, and as you were looking through what we offer a question popped up: “should I get a temperature-controlled storage unit?” The answer may seem obvious, however, there is many temperature-controlled storage unit benefits for seasonal storage.

So, how do I choose a basic storage unit versus temperature-controlled storage?

Basic storage units are suitable enough for most storage needs you may have. However, in some circumstances if you’re looking for a place to store certain items with more value temperature control can be a huge asset. If these items are also sensitive to the climate, then a temperature-controlled unit is mandatory.

Here are some benefits of temperature-controlled storage units for your seasonal storage needs, to help you understand if they’re the right choice for you. The bottom line is your belongings will be protected from any sort of seasonal climate for the entirety of their time stored.

Seasonal storage: will your items need protection from the elements?

Storage unit benefits for seasonal storage needs - Seasonal Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - Storage Unit Winnipeg - StorageVilleWood furniture, antiques, musical instruments, or fine art generally need storage in a place where the temperature is constant. Shifts in heat or cold may damage these items to the point where they cannot be fixed. And if these items are also valuable, that’s a big problem.

Temperature-controlled units for seasonal storage

Temperature-controlled storage units always keep a consistent temperature. With the temperature remaining consistent and steady, the climate within the storage unit is less volatile despite what is happening outside. Essentially, if the item is stored in your home, which has the temperature regulated, it should be stored in a temperature-controlled storage unit.

Here are some examples of items that should be stored in these units:

  • Cosmetics;
  • Toiletries;
  • Collectibles (art, antiques, etc.);
  • Leather, wood, fabrics;
  • Clothing;
  • Books;
  • Documents;
  • Candles;
  • Medications;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Paperwork

Non-temperature-controlled units for seasonal storage

Non-temperature-controlled storage units have their purpose too. If you’re belongings can weather the change in temperature and climate, but just needs shielding from the sun, these units will suffice. Storing in non-temperature-controlled units is similar to storing in a garage with an overhead door facing outwards.

Here are some examples of items that should be stored in these units:

  • Vintage cars, classic cars, exotic cars
  • Motorcycles or boats
  • Some garden equipment and supplies
  • Bikes, golf clubs, canoes, kayaks, and other outdoor activity equipment

Storage unit benefits for seasonal storage needs - Seasonal Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - Storage Unit Winnipeg - StorageVilleSeasonal storage: storage units protect items against dust

Temperature-controlled storage units have better ventilation than non-temperature-controlled units. This helps so less dust settles inside the unit, and there is less chance of it getting into your stored belongings.

These units are also located in insulated buildings. Besides the benefit for your belongings the climate is also more comfortable while you’re on-site with your belongings.

Seasonal storage: storage units are designed for long-term storage

Honestly, if you only need to store some valuable items for a few weeks, traditional storage units are perfectly adequate (depending on the item). But temperature-controlled storage units are designed for long-term storage. It does cost slightly more, but it gives you some peace of mind that you could potentially leave your valuables for years in a secure area and take them out in perfect condition when you need to.

Seasonal storage: storage units provides protection against humidity

Storage unit benefits for seasonal storage needs - Seasonal Storage Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - Storage Unit Winnipeg - StorageVilleTemperature’s one thing, but it’s the humidity that can often ruin certain objects. StorageVille temperature-controlled storage units offer humidity control features for extra protection. We remove excess moisture from the air to keep everything inside in pristine condition.

Humidity is especially dangerous for antique furniture, often causing it to crack or finishes to bubble. With humidity control, the air inside the unit is kept the optimal temperature and humidity, so there’s no possibility of mold or mildew growth, and no risk of your items (like wood furniture) becoming dried out and brittle.

Seasonal storage: storage units have great air quality

Air quality is typically not something you consider in a storage unit but you should. Temperature-controlled storage units have better air quality than traditional ones, because of the air circulating continuously to make sure it’s always fresh and clean. Thanks to this, you don’t have to air out the unit manually to prevent your items from catching unpleasant smells or having that stale smell everyone knows.

Ready to choose a temperature-controlled storage unit for your season storage?

Temperature-controlled storage units offer many great benefits versus traditional, non-temperature-controlled storage units. If the items you plan on storing are valuable, sentimentally or financially, then it’s worth renting a temperature-controlled storage unit.

Contact StorageVille today or visit us at one of our two convenient locations – 123 Reenders Drive and 830 Waverley Street. We would be happy to show you the difference in temperature-controlled and non-temperature-controlled storage units in-person to help you make the best choice to meet your seasonal storage needs.

Storage unit benefits during home renovations or home building - Winnipeg Home Renovations - Home Building Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille

Storage unit benefits during home renovations or home building - Winnipeg Home Renovations - Home Building Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleWhether you’re completing home renovations and need a place to stash your extra stuff, or you’re having a new home built for you, a storage unit from StorageVille can help take the stress out of the process. We’ve compiled a list of ways storage units benefits during home renovations or home building.

Stash your stuff during home renovations

Temporarily relocate during home renovations, if possible

If you’re just having a single room in your home renovated, you can probably stay in your home with little to no issues. But things get harder when you’re having several rooms renovated – particularly bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas – all the areas that are used most frequently.

Why is it difficult to live in the home during home renovations?

If you are living at home during an extensive renovation, the process will take longer than if the house were vacant during the project. Your contractors will not be able to work as long of hours as they could because they may have to leave when you get home. As well, your home simply will not be as pleasant to live in in the interim. It’s a lose-lose situation; no one wants to live in a construction site!

What can I do if I can’t temporarily relocate during home renovations

However, you may wonder what you should do with your stuff if you relocate to a temporary residence like a hotel or other such area. It’s usually not a good idea to store it at home, because you may not have room and your belongings could be in the way of renovations taking place, or worse, risk being damaged. But if you store your stuff with StorageVille, you can make sure everything is easily accessible – and ready to be moved back in once the renovation is complete.

Protect your belongings and live a more convenient life during your home renovations

Storage unit benefits during home renovations or home building - Winnipeg Home Renovations - Home Building Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleCan’t relocate during a renovation? A storage unit from Storageville can still be very helpful. You can store extra furniture and stuff in your storage unit – and avoid stashing it in other rooms like basements, living areas, and other such spaces. This way, you don’t need to worry about moving everything in and out of a room, potentially multiple times, so that the space is accessible for renovations to be done.

Storage units help can help restore the home’s comfort during home renovations

Storing all your stuff in different rooms of your house can block you from doing day-to-day tasks and make your home environment less comfortable. If you’re having your living room redone, for example, you may need to jam your couches and furniture into bedroom areas – which is not convenient for anyone.

But with a storage unit, you can store all your stuff off-site, and bring it back when your renovations are done, and it’s time to move everything back into your home. This protects your belongings and helps you live a more convenient life during your home renovation.

You can streamline the process of moving into a new home

If you’re having a home built instead of renovated an existing one, a storage unit from Storageville is still a great option! You can store most of your stuff in your storage unit, and ensure that it’s packed up and ready to go when your new home is built, and you’re ready to move in.

Storage units help with home staging

If you’re selling your home during the transition into your new home, a storage unit can also help with staging your home. Moving extra furniture, personal possessions, and storage boxes from your home to a storage unit reduces clutter in your home – which can make it seem more spacious and easier to sell.

Storage units make moving streamlined

Finally, packing up your items before you move into a new home helps ensure that the moving process goes off without a hitch. You can simply head to your storage unit, pick up your boxes, and drop them off at your new home. Most of your belongings will already be packed and ready to go, minimizing the stress of moving. To add to the convenience of the moving process, we offer free cube van rentals for move-ins and 50% cube van rentals during move-outs.

Having a new home built or renovating your home? Get a storage unit today!

Temperature-controlled, secure storage from Storageville is a great way to protect your stuff during extensive renovations, or when you’re having a new home built. So, don’t wait. Contact us now to learn more about our available units, sizing, pricing, and further details.

Storage unit benefits for moving and selling your home - Moving Homes - Home Sellers Winnipeg - Moving Boxes Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille

What are the benefits of using storage units for moving or selling your home?

Storage unit benefits for moving and selling your home - Moving Homes - Home Sellers Winnipeg - Moving Boxes Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleThe results are in – data shows that clutter can have a serious impact on your ability to think clearly and feel calm and content. There are many storage unit benefits and using a storage unit to cut down on clutter is just one of them. If you’re moving or selling your home, using a storage unit can make the process a less daunting. For future movers and sellers, here’s the storage unit benefits below which you may not have considered yet.

When moving or selling your home, storage units eliminate clutter

Storage unit benefits for moving and selling your home - Moving Homes - Home Sellers Winnipeg - Moving Boxes Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleStaging a home is critical to help it sell faster and for the price you want. It’s not always enough to have the right paint colors or floor coverings in your home to make it look ideal for the staging process. Eliminating clutter can also help prospective buyers visualize themselves in the house and what it would be like for their family to live there.

Real estate professionals will tell you to prepare for “staging” the home by removing personal photos, artwork, and other items that can clutter up your space and may seem far too personal for the staging process and home viewers. But maybe you don’t want to go full “Marie Kondo” on your personal effects just yet, so where can you put all your items without sacrificing your sanity?

Simplify selling your home with a short-term storage unit rental

A huge storage unit benefit is that you can store your personal items in the unit while you stage your home and wait for the property to sell. This allows you to keep all your valuable things in one, convenient location. You’ll know where everything is, and it’s already neatly packed away for when you’re ready to move into your new home. Renting an affordable cube van to move your items to your new home can also make the home buying and selling process less stressful and overwhelming. Don’t forget, we offer cube van rentals on site – You may qualify for a free rental during your move-in and 50% off during your move-out.

During moving and selling get a storage unit for seasonal clutter

A lot of homeowners use seasonal decorations to brighten up their homes, and these decorations can take up a lot of space in closets, attics, and basements. Getting a storage unit allows you to clear even more clutter from the home when your decorations need to be put away until next season. Storing decorations also makes it easier for you to get settled into your new home faster since you won’t be working around the items when they aren’t needed.

Storage unit benefits for moving and selling your home - Moving Homes - Home Sellers Winnipeg - Moving Boxes Winnipeg - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleStore packed and low-use items when selling your home

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, it’s a pain to try and work around boxes of packed items, or belongings that are low use. Placing these items in a storage unit prevents you from having to move around the packed items when you’re scheduled for a showing. Packing low-use items ahead of time and placing them in a convenient storage unit will also make the moving, selling, and buying process a little easier.

Useful links for selling your home

Not sure how to start the process of selling your home? We’ve compiled a short list of links to assist and get you started in the right direction. Here’s a list of real estate-related resources for Winnipeg and area:

If you’re selling your home and want to use a home staging company, check out these popular companies in Winnipeg:

(Note: StorageVille doesn’t have any relationship with the companies listed above, nor does StorageVille receive any compensation)

We’re here to make moving and selling your home simpler

At Storageville, we offer a selection of different storage unit sizes and complementary services that are geared toward making the home buying, moving, and selling process less stressful for our customers. We offer convenient cube vans, and cube van rentals for your big moving day, too. Also, finding the right amount of packing and moving supplies can be difficult and cut into your moving budget. At Storageville, we offer our customers access to a range of packing and moving supplies. Contact Storageville today to learn more about our services.

Storage Unit benefits for Realtors and Purple Brick sellers - Purple Brick Sellers Winnipeg - Realtors and Purple Brick Sellers - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVille

Storage Unit benefits for Realtors and Purple Brick sellers - Purple Brick Sellers Winnipeg - Realtors and Purple Brick Sellers - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleRealtors and Purple Brick sellers alike know that selling a house is stressful. Not only do you have to find a new house that checks all the boxes on your list, you also have the stress of keeping your home in a pristine, staged and “ready for viewing” state. Why not remove some of the stress? Whether you are working with a realtor or selling your house on your own with a company like Purple Bricks, a storage unit will help you out.

Today, we’ll look at how renting a storage unit is a unique way for Realtors to service clients before, during, and after a seller lists their home. Alternatively, if you’re selling your own home using Purple Bricks, renting a storage unit can make it easier.

What’s Purple Bricks?

Before we get started – you may be wondering what Purple Bricks is? Purple Bricks is a real estate brokerage providing fixed-fee real estate services to customers in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

Storage unit benefits for Realtors

Realtors are tasked with providing several services for their clients. Often, unique services are the difference between having a constant stream of clients or not having them at all. Added benefits, like a storage unit, can help build trust with ideal clients and reveal a realtor’s attention to detail.

A marketing tool to earn more clients

Realtors tend to fall into similar marketing slumps, showcasing all the same marketing techniques that aim to differentiate them from one another. Unfortunately, most realtors offer the same services which make it harder to compete.

One way a realtor can set themselves apart from other real estate agents is by renting a storage unit to accommodate sellers. Not only will this look like an attractive offer to a potential client, but it will free the home up of items that might deter buyers. This includes personal effects, clutter, or outdated items that can make the home appear unkempt or older.

A storage unit will help sell homes

Realtors sometimes walk into a seller’s home and think, “how am I going to work with this?” the interior items might be dingy or old and may not reflect the property’s potential. A realtor can help their seller by offering to stage their home so it will sell faster and get better offers.

Once the seller’s personal items are placed in a storage unit, the realtor can stage it with their own beautiful furniture (that can also be kept at the storage unit) to make the property look more attractive to brokers and buyers. This will help with taking beautiful property photos and videos of the home, which will read well online and in person. A realtor can build a better listing with a staged home and get more traction as a result.

A storage unit will help sellers after the ink dries

Once the home sells, the items that have been stored are already packed and ready to be moved to their new location. This is a compelling service for clients as they will be working around the clock to move out of their old home and into their next one.

The seller won’t have the extra packing to do when it really matters, and it may even help them keep the home tidy through the selling process. Once the home is emptied of the staged items, the seller will be left with fewer things to move and clean. This is a win for everyone.

Bonuses of having a storage unit as a realtor

While we have focused on how a storage unit is beneficial for potential clients, what is even better, is the freedom it gives the real estate professional. They will be able to collect home staging items without having to sacrifice their own garages or extra bedrooms. They will have a built-in place to store their business documents and real estate goods like signs, banners, and posts. And finally, a storage unit sends a clear message to brokers and potential clients that this agent takes quality care of their clients.

Storage unit benefits for sellers using Purple Bricks

Storage Unit benefits for Realtors and Purple Brick sellers - Purple Brick Sellers Winnipeg - Realtors and Purple Brick Sellers - Winnipeg Storage Units - StorageVilleMany of the same benefits of having a storage unit apply to realtors and individuals using Purple Bricks. As the homeowner you can use the unit as a place to store items that may not help to sell your home but are important to you. It also helps reduce the packing workload when you do sell the house and are preparing to move. Many storage unit rental facilities offer a cube van rental to their tenants, and you may be able to use the rental to help with your move when the time comes.

Better offers and less stress with a storage unit

Go the extra mile and get set up with a storage unit. This is a service a real estate professional can start marketing immediately and goes a long way with attracting the right clients. You’ll likely receive better offers for your home, if it isn’t cluttered. As a homeowner you can start using your storage unit to promote the quick sale of your home but may end up keeping it for years to come.

StorageVille provides temperature-controlled storage unit rental facilities, cube van rentals, and packing and moving supplies. You may also be interested in our “ways to reduce stress when moving” article. Contact us today to discuss your needs and arrange the next step for selling your home.

What you need to know about StorageVille cube van rentals - Free Cube Van Rentals - Moving Supplies - Packing Supplies - Storage Units - StorageVille

What you need to know about StorageVille cube van rentals - Free Cube Van Rentals - Moving Supplies - Packing Supplies - Storage Units - StorageVilleWhen you need to move, space, time, and money are of the essence. Renting a cube van can make the entire process much easier and less stressful for you and your loved ones. At StorageVille, we’re happy to provide our customers with cube vans rentals. Our cube van rentals are equipped with roll-up rear doors to make it super easy and convenient for loading and unloading your things.

Our storage unit customers benefit from a free cube van rental for up to 4 hours during your move-in. If you’re moving out of your storage unit, we offer a 50% discount on our cube van rentals. However, if you simply want to rent a cube van – we do that too! Why else should you consider using a cube van for your next move?

Cube van rentals – best use of space

They offer movers the best use of space. Cube vans don’t have sloped sides, so it’s easy to stack boxes and other items along the sides of the van without sacrificing space at the top. Cargo vans don’t give you the ability to stack and pack your items tightly on the sides, and in higher spaces of the cargo hold. If you must move a lot of smaller items and boxes, or larger pieces of furniture, a cube van can easily meet both needs.

Cube van rentals – protection during transportation

When using a cube van rental, your belongings will have protection during transportation. Even if the forecast calls for sun, the weather in Winnipeg can change in a moment’s notice. Don’t get caught with your belongings in the back of a truck should it rain. As well, sun exposure isn’t great for some household items. No matter the season – winter, spring, summer, or fall, protect your items when you move.

Cube van rentals – save time and avoid the hassle

What you need to know about StorageVille cube van rentals - Free Cube Van Rentals - Moving Supplies - Packing Supplies - Storage Units - StorageVilleYou’ll potentially save time and avoid hassle when you use a cube van. Since you can pack more items and furniture into a cube van, you won’t risk having to make multiple trips back and forth for your stuff. You can also potentially fit everything into one cube van, for one trip, reducing your chances of having to use more than one van for the move.

Besides the benefit of larger loads, should you be renting a storage unit during this transition in your life, you’ll only need to make one stop on moving day. We reduce the hassle and save you time, by renting our cube vans on-site. We push this convenience further, by offering online cube van reservations on our website. Simply supply some short details about yourself, the location you’re renting from, the date for rental, time period, and length of use – and a friendly StorageVille staff member will confirm your rental, shortly after booking.

Finally, in addition to having your storage unit and cube van rental from the same location, we stock moving supplies on-site. Our inventory includes moving boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. We also carry packing supplies such as packing tape, wrapping paper, and bubble wrap. And finally, we have other tools for moving like appliance and utility dollies, and moving carts.

What makes StorageVille cube van rentals the ideal choice for moving in Winnipeg?

Free cube van rentals for move-ins to our storage units

What you need to know about StorageVille cube van rentals - Free Cube Van Rentals - Moving Supplies - Packing Supplies - Storage Units - StorageVilleAt StorageVille, we offer our valued customers a chance to get their convenient and roomy cube van for FREE. All you are responsible for is selecting the insurance plan and refilling the gas you use. The cube van rental comes with MPI coverage at the standard amount for the deductible. We also offer optional lower deductible amounts for any renter who wish to pay for this option. For any move-in to our storage unit facility, at a minimum, all storage sizes of StorageVille storage unit rentals can be used for free for up to two hours. In addition, some specific storage unit sizes are eligible for free rent for up to four hours.

50% discount for move-outs from our storage units

Should you be finished with your storage unit and require a method to transport your belongings to a new location, we offer discounts. For any move-outs from our storage unit facility, we provide a 50% discount on the cost of your cube van rental from us.

However, if you just need a cube van rental without a storage unit, we’re glad to accommodate your needs for your move. Renting from us is a breeze with our quick and convenient online rental form – book directly from our website. Alternatively, you can call us at 204.272.4687 for service at 123 Reenders Drive.  Or, if you prefer, call 204.272.4533 for service at 830 Waverley Street. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

The cube van rental process

To give you a sense of the process for renting a cube van from us, here’s a quick outline of the steps involved.

Booking the cube van

  1. Book your cube van rental on our website. Let us know your details, location to rent from, date, time and length of use.

What you need to know about StorageVille cube van rentals - Free Cube Van Rentals - Moving Supplies - Packing Supplies - Storage Units - StorageVillePicking up the cube van

  1. On the day of your booking, visit your preferred location. A StorageVille staff member will be on-site to process the necessary paperwork. Our staff will cover the additional rules and how the cost of the cube van rental is calculated, based on mileage.
  2. Please bring your valid driver’s license (we will need to make a copy of it). We carry basic, comprehensive insurance options, so additional insurance isn’t necessary.
  3. We also require a deposit to be left with us on a valid credit card. The deposit transaction is a precaution and will not go through should our cube van be returned to us.
  4. After the paperwork is complete, you and our staff member will go outside, completing a quick walkaround of the cube van’s current state, including any existing damage. We also take a reading of the amount of gas.

Returning the cube van

  1. The cube van is now yours to use for the length of time indicated.
  2. Before you return the cube van, you’re responsible for topping up the gas to the level indicated during the initial inspection. Failure to do so will result in additional fees.
  3. Then, simply park the cube van on our lot and step inside the StorageVille office to drop off the keys. A staff member will quickly process your paperwork and accept any final payments required based on usage.

In summary, StorageVille is your best option for cube van rentals in Winnipeg. We combine convenience, accessibility, and flexibility through our online booking process, two locations, and pricing structure with storage unit rentals. For service contact us today. We look forward to helping you make your next move a success!

Tips for holiday storage unit use after the holiday season - Winnipeg Self-Storage - Temperature Controlled Storage Unit Winnipeg - StorageVille

When the holidays wrap up, we must start thinking about how to wrap up our Christmas and seasonal items. We suggest using self-storage units to help you store these seasonal items. Storage units offered by StorageVille will help you maintain a clutter-free home and keep your decorations in a temperature-controlled safe environment. Here are some of our best holiday storage unit tips to prevent damage to your favorite Christmas decorations so they are around for years to come.

Holiday storage unit used for your decorations

Ornament storage

Tips for holiday storage unit use after the holiday season - Winnipeg Self-Storage - Temperature Controlled Storage Unit Winnipeg - StorageVilleIf you have the original packaging for your ornaments, this tends to be the best way for keeping them safe and damage-free. If the original packaging is long gone, you can simply tissue wrap the items and place them into plastic containers for safekeeping. Post holidays, you are sure to find some bin specific containers for ornament storage.

Bag storage for artificial trees

We find that bag storage for trees works better than the original box they came in. Using a storage bag for your tree allows you more freedom to either stand it up or lay it down depending on the dimensions of your storage unit. Also, remember, you can’t bring your real tree into our storage units. And, it won’t last from year-to-year.

Light Storage

We both know that your lights are never getting back in those original packages, it was hard enough to get them out. The best way to store lights is making use of cardboard. You can wrap your lights around cardboard and place them into plastic bins or even use gift wrap paper rolls that you plan to trash.

Labelling boxes and containers

Tips for holiday storage unit use after the holiday season - Winnipeg Self-Storage - Temperature Controlled Storage Unit Winnipeg - StorageVilleWhen you rent a storage unit you want to make it easy on yourself to find your belongings quickly. Labeling the outside of your containers – or using clear plastic bins – can help you stay organized.

Rack or shelving for your holiday storage

One of the biggest complaints we hear about is how holiday decor can take over storage space. To keep your holidays related stuff from over-running your storage unit, set up a holiday storage-specific shelving. Then, keep it in one place of your unit with all holiday items placed there.

Hang up what you fold

We know it’s easy to fold up that tree skirt or curtains you break out for the holidays and throw them into a box. Use hangers to store folded items and cover them with plastic bags to protect them from elements. They will be ready to hang immediately, no ironing needed, and save you time next year when decorating. If you are unable to locate a hanging rack – we can help. StorageVille carries a variety of moving and packing products including a wardrobe box with a hanger bar that allows hangers to be placed.

Holiday storage unit use – make it your resolution!

Ready to organize your holiday decorations with Storageville? Give us a call so you can start to free up much-needed space in your home. We offer temperature controlled storage units to keep your holiday investments safe and free from damage. For northeast Winnipeg – 123 Reenders Drive or call 204.272.4687 and for southwest Winnipeg – 830 Waverley Street or call 204.272.4533. Alternatively, request a quote online through our website!

Our Tips to Protect Your Belongings in a Storage Unit - Winnipeg Storage Units - Temperature Controlled Storage Units - StorageVille

At StorageVille we are experts in all things storage unit related. Our expertise includes everything from storage unit organization tips, choosing the correct size of storage unit for your needs, and ways to protect your belongings while in the storage unit. Our article this month is focused around best practices and advice to help you protect your belongings in a storage unit.

Protect your belongings in a storage unit – Choose a storage unit facility which is well-protected and secured

If there’s only one tip you follow in this guide, it should be this one. You want a storage company that offers:

  • Electronic, passcode-protected gate entry and perimeter fencing
  • Video surveillance 24/7/365
  • Private pin codes for access to all secure areas
  • High-security disc locks for each unit

Security cameras are in place to help deter theft or other activity. Our storage unit locks are specially designed to prevent lock cutting. Don’t store your stuff at any facility that doesn’t offer these basic security features!

Protect your belongings in a storage unit – Get insurance for your storage unit

Get Storage Unit Insurance - Our Tips to Protect Your Belongings in a Storage Unit - Winnipeg Storage Units - Temperature Controlled Storage Units - StorageVilleWhile the storage unit is the responsibility of the provider, the contents are not covered by insurance. They are your responsibility – this is true at almost every storage unit provider in Canada. Just like renting an apartment, you provide the coverage you need based on your specific vales.

When moving your belongings from your property, make sure you discuss what is covered for the storage unit with your insurance company. Ensure your belongings have insurance, should a situation arise. If you’re not covered, you may need to purchase an additional “storage unit insurance” policy to protect from things that are not covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. We encourage your broker to call us for more details.

Protect your belongings in a storage unit – Invest in a temperature controlled storage unit

Invest in Temperature Controlled Storage Unit for household items - Our Tips to Protect Your Belongings in a Storage Unit - Winnipeg Storage Units - Temperature Controlled Storage Units - StorageVilleTemperature controlled storage units are essential for protecting valuable items like wood and metal furniture, artwork, electronics, vinyl records, books, etc. If it is coming out of your home – where it is protected from changing the weather – then, it should be stored in a temperature controlled storage unit. In addition to controlling the temperature, the climate will be suitable to prevent damage by excessive heat, cold, dampness, humidity, and moisture.

We recommend in almost all situations a temperature controlled storage unit is worth the cost and the peace of mind.  When storing, knowing your possessions are protected from the harsh winter cold and extreme summer heat is invaluable. However, non temperature controlled storage units still can be useful in some situations. If your belongings have been stored outside or in a garage, our non temperature controlled storage units are perfect.

Protect your belongings in a storage unit – Protect your stuff for long-term storage

Use Shelving, plastic bins or sheets - Our Tips to Protect Your Belongings in a Storage Unit - Winnipeg Storage Units - Temperature Controlled Storage Units - StorageVilleIt’s also important to store your valuables correctly to protect them. If they’re being stored for a long period of time, here are a few steps you can take to do so.

  • Use wire racks and shelves when possible to minimize floor contact and the risk of flood/water damage
  • Wrap your belongings in durable plastic sheeting or use plastic containers to prevent the gathering of dust and moisture
  • Organize items by category for easy access, and to ensure fragile items are not crushed by other stacks of boxes
  • Keep flammable items closer to the centre of your unit, to protect them in case of a fire elsewhere in the facility

Protect your belongings in a storage unit – follow our tips – and keep your stuff safe at StorageVille!

Whether you’re storing it for just a few weeks or months while moving, or are looking for a long-term storage solution, we’re here to help. Start the storage unit process today – request a FREE quote from us. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through selecting the correct storage unit for your needs!

When Is It The Right Time To Downsize Your Home? - Winnipeg Storage Units - Temperature Controlled Storage Units | StorageVille

When Is It The Right Time To Downsize Your Home? - Winnipeg Storage Units - Temperature Controlled Storage Units | StorageVilleWhile a spacious home is great when you have a large family, there may come a time in your life when it’s time to downsize. You can save money on cleaning and maintenance, and reduce your monthly bills by quite a bit if you downsize your home. Think about the additional freedom which can come from downsizing your home – you can put the money towards travelling or other passions. As well, you may upgrade to a newer, more modern home during your move – increasing your comfort level.

But is downsizing right for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself, to see if it’s the right time to downsize your home.

Downsize Your Home: Does Your House Have Too Many Bedrooms?

When Is It The Right Time To Downsize Your Home? - Winnipeg Storage Units - Temperature Controlled Storage Units | StorageVilleIf you bought a four-bedroom house because you had three kids, and they have all moved out, chances are those bedrooms are going unused. However, if you’re expecting to have frequent visitors, or you think one or more of your kids may move back home, you may still need those bedrooms.

If not, you may be paying too much for your current home. Besides the cost of the home itself, factor in utilities and property taxes on the additional space you have, that isn’t used.

Downsize Your Home: Are Taxes And Maintenance Too Expensive?

Larger homes are expensive to maintain. There are more things that can go wrong with furnaces and HVAC systems, and repairing a larger home is usually more costly than a smaller home. In addition, property taxes are based on the value of your home. Usually, the larger your home, the more you’ll pay each year in taxes.

If you’re having trouble affording the costs of taxes and maintenance, or if you just want extra money to use elsewhere, you may want to move into a smaller home.

Downsize Your Home: Is Your House Simply Too Big?

Do you have rooms in your home that you haven’t used for weeks? If so, you may just have too much space – and it may be time to downsize.

Downsize Your Home: Does Your House Have Sentimental Value?

When Is It The Right Time To Downsize Your Home? - Winnipeg Storage Units - Temperature Controlled Storage Units | StorageVilleIf your home has been passed down to you through generations, it may have sentimental value. You may want to pass it down to your kids. As well, if your house is where you raised your children, you may feel like your betraying your memories by moving. If this is the case, it may be worth staying in the home, despite it being a bit more expensive.

If there is no sentimental value and no plan for you children to live in the house after you, you may be better off moving to a smaller home. In fact, going through the process of selling and moving can remove some of the burden on your loved ones in the future.

Downsize Your Home: Is Your House Still Functional For Your Needs?

If your home has a lot of staircases or cramped and hard-to-access areas, it may not be right for you as you age. If you are not comfortable enough to get around your home as you age, it may be time to move to another house that is going to be more safe and convenient.

You can always renovate your home to be more accessible, but this too, comes at a great cost. Weigh your options – downsizing versus renovating and figure out what will work best for your situation.

Downsize Your Home: Do You Have A Plan For Moving Out?

Do you plan on renting a home for the next several years? Traveling the world? Buying a smaller home? Unless you have a plan for moving out, you probably shouldn’t downsize your home. Stay in your current house until you’ve figured out what you want to do next.

You should also have a plan about what to do with your extra stuff, once you move out. Chances are that you can sell a lot of it using websites like Craigslist, or a garage sale – but you may need to store quite a few things if you move to a much smaller home.

Using Winnipeg storage units can help when you downsize your home

Downsizing your home is not always the right move. But if it’s right for you, you can save a lot of time and money – and get a house that’s more adequate for your needs. And with temperature controlled, secure-access storage from StorageVille, you can store everything that you need from your old home during the transition of moving, or more permanently for years. Contact us today for your free storage unit quote!